We've replaced workbooks with apps, textbooks with websites, and activity books with YouTube. What homeschooling resources have you replaced with online tools?

How Our Digital Homeschool Evolved

I recently discovered this video by BestReviews trending on social media, and it caught my attention.


This  “Evolution of the Desk” got me thinking about the evolution of our homeschool room and resources over the past 12 years. I considered all the materials I had when we started homeschooling my now 17-year-old. We had a whole bookshelf dedicated to curriculum, workbooks and activity idea books. Two shelves were reserved for the 100+ books that we’d have checked out at the library at a time. We dedicated half of our family room as the “school area”.

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Now that we’ve embraced digital learning tools, many of our homeschool supplies and material have been substituted with webtools. These are the things that have been replaced (for the most part) with technology…..

Our space dedicated to educational materials is now just one shelf for laptops and a few inches of shelf  space for workbooks and textbooks. We’ve eliminated a lot of “school clutter” leaving more space for tools to explore interests and talents. My five daughters do their learning where they are most comfortable. And, we all appreciate the minimalism of digital learning. [Related Post: 5 Benefits of a Paperless Homeschool]

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How about you, my homeschoolin’ momma friend? How has your homeschool evolved in this digital age?

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3 thoughts on “How Our Digital Homeschool Evolved

  1. I think this is awesome that you have found a way to transfer everything digitallyIt probably saves on space for all the books and materials. Thanks so much for sharing with #SocialbutterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂

    • It’s a toss up. My Histo is awesome because of the map feature, but it doesn’t function as well as TimeToast. If I wanted j”Just” a timeline, I’d use Timetoast. It is a little simpler and more user-intuitive. Currently, the image feature on MyHistro is not working, with no response from their support. I’m a little disappointed about that.

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