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Up to 85% off Online Unit Studies All Access Passes

Exciting times!

I’m developing an Online Unit Studies All Access site. This means, instead of buying all of your Online Unit Studies individually, you’ll be able to pay a monthly or annual fee to use whichever ones you want, when you want. More options, more flexibility, more happy techie homeschoolers.

But….(BIG but)…. it’s not going to happen if I don’t have your support. You see, I want to have a bigger selection of courses available. And I need to add more umpff to my website. That means investing lots of a time and money to get the Online Unit Studies All Access up and running by next school year. I’m not going to invest the time and money unless you consider it a benefit.

So, this is how it’s going down….

I’ve set up a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. You can back me by purchasing an All-Access Pass now with big discounts compared to future prices. Your pass will kick in when the site is launched in September. If enough people back me and I reach my funding goal, Kickstarter gives me your pledged funds and I move forward with development. If I don’t get enough support and don’t reach my goal, you don’t pay a thing. And I face the reality that you don’t want anymore Online Unit Studies.

In essence, when you back my project, you're casting your vote for “More Online Unit Studies”. And saving tons of money by grabbing All Access Passes at huge discounts, as in up to 85% off.




In exchange for backing my project, you choose a reward….

  • 10-year All-Access Pass ($2000 value): $300  (Limited to 100 backers, then cost goes to $400)
  • 2-year All-Access Pass ($400 value): $200 (Limited to 100 backers)
  • 1-year All-Access Pass ($200 value): $150
  • 6-month All Access Pass ($120 value): $75
  • 3-month All Access Pass ($60 value): $40
  • 1-month All Access Pass ($20): $15

But…the discounts won’t stop there. After your All-Access pass expires, they'll automatically renew at the Kickstarter prices of $15/month or $150/year until you cancel (as opposed to the future $20/month or $200/year).


Three important things you need to realize….

  1. If I don’t reach my funding goal, you don't pay a thing.
  2. If I do reach my funding goal, you aren’t charged until my crowdfunding ends on May 15.
  3. You’re pre-buying, so your passes won’t actually activate until Online Unit Studies All-Access launches in September.

OK, now I know we homeschoolers like to talk and share great ideas for home learning. You’ve got my full permission to share this post with any friends who might like to jump at these big discounts.

I know that together, we can make Online Unit Studies All Access become a reality.

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