Join us for 12 weeks of photo adventures. Connect with other homeschoolers and learn about photography, graphic design, video production through this online club.

Techie Homeschool Photography Club

How often does this happen to you? You open up the photo gallery on your phone, only to discover a whole series of selfies taken by your child. Or maybe the images are petsies or toysies.

Chances are that at some point in their life, your digital natives will take a picture and share it with the world. They see all those attractive images on social media or websites and want to duplicate the effect. On our vacation last week, my daughters spent lots of time trying to get cool shots of nature to share on Instagram and Facebook. I was thrilled that they were experimenting and got even more homeschool-momishly excited when they asked if they could learn more about photography.

So, I did what I always do when my kids want to learn something new….I looked online for a course. I started with my usual first stop (Udemy) and <BOOM!> there it was – Photography 4 Kids. I read the reviews, checked out the course contents and watched the preview lessons. I knew my girls would love the weekly photo adventures, so I signed us up.

Then I got a great idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to do the Photography 4 Kids course with other families? We could all do the weekly photo adventures, then share our photos. The kids could review each other’s photos. I could even share digital projects that the kids could create with their photos. And then I realized “Hey, I’m not limited to my local friends. This could all happen online through a private group.”


Join us for 12 weeks of photo adventures. Connect with other homeschoolers and learn about photography, graphic design, video production through this online club.


So, my friend, I introduce to you the Techie Homeschool Photography Club.  Here's the scoop….

  • Register your family for the Techie Homeschool Photography Club.
  • Sign up for the Photography 4 Kids course on Udemy
  • Each week, you'll log into the Techie Homeschool Photography Club to discover a new photo adventure. You’ll watch the video lesson from Photography 4 Kids and complete the adventure.
  • Kids will upload their photos from the week to the group and give each other feedback (I’ll give some instruction on how to share valuable feedback)
  • I’ll share tutorials for projects the kids can make with their photos using webtools. They will learn about photo-editing, graphic design and video creation.
  • We’ll all connect with other homeschool families .

Watch this live video replay to see inside the Techie Homeschool Photography Club.


Want to join the Techie Homeschool Photography Club? Just think about all our kids will get out of this….photography skills, graphic design instruction, supervised social media interaction, online collaboration experience and relationships with other homeschoolers.

To register for the Techie Homeschool Photography Club,

For a one-time family fee, you’ll get access to the private group, plus exclusive tutorials for the digital projects.

To register for the Photography4Kids course on Udemy,

This link will get you the special discounted price of $20.

Now, while you need to register for both the club and the course to participate in the Techie Homeschool Photography Club, you don’t need to join the club the sign up for thePhotography4Kids course. If you would rather work through it alone, you can still use THIS LINK to get the discounted $20 price.

Or if photography isn’t your thing, look for another course at “50 Udemy Online Courses for Kids.”

What do you think? Would you family enjoy the Techie Homeschool Photography Club?

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