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The Best Apps for Preschoolers
to Use for Homeschooling

Way back when I was little, using tablets and phone apps just wasn’t a thing! If your parents wanted you to learn something before you went off to elementary school, you had a workbook, flash cards, or some other type of educational game. We use apps in our homeschool all the time to help supplement lesson plans and teach our kids valuable skills. And preschoolers can even join in on the techie fun. Here are twelve of the best apps for preschoolers.


AlphaTots Alphabet

AlphabetTots Alphabet uses action verbs to help toddlers learn the alphabet. They’ll have a blast learning letters and sounds through building robots, zapping alien ships, and even digging for buried treasure. iTunes

Find it Match it for Kids

There are two games in one in this fun app for preschoolers. The find it portion of the game will have your children looking for objects that are hidden among other ones. The match it portion is simple, match as many cards as you can before the timer runs out! iTunes

Bob Books Lite

This phonics-based game will have your kids reading in no time! This drag and drop interface has fun and colorful animations to keep kids interested and engaged. Google Play / iTunes

Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Eric Carle’s Hungry Caterpillar Play School is designed specifically for preschoolers to help them with math, spelling, reading, writing, and so much more! This app will help get your children ready for elementary school in a fun and interactive way. iTunes

Busy Shapes & Colors

Busy Shapes and Colors is a great app for preschoolers that is fun and will help them learn names and colors. There are 11 shapes and 11 colors, and adorable penguins help entertain children as they progress through each level! Google Play / iTunes

Dora ABCs Vol 2: Rhyming Words

Dora’s Rhyming will help your child learn literacy skills with the help of Dora and Boots! This app will help your preschooler become aware of phonemes in words and how they can be used to make new words. iTunes

If your preschooler is having screen time, you want them to be learning something and not just wasting their time, right? This is a great list of preschool apps that are fun AND educational.

Fish School

This playful underwater app has eight different educational activities to help teach your preschooler! Choose from ranging from letters, numbers, shapes, and even colors with fun and colorful fish characters. iTunes

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is free and has over a thousand different activities and books for young kids! This app can help your preschooler learn reading, language, math, writing, and even problem-solving skills! Google Play / iTunes

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This app is one of the best apps for preschoolers out there! There are seven different games that incorporate monkeys to teach colors, letters, counting, and even matching! Google Play / iTunes

Mother Goose Club Rhymes

Based on the YouTube and Netflix series, Mother Goose Club Rhymes is an app that uses songs, play, rhyme, and dance to help promote literacy! Not only does this app focus on literacy, but it even focuses on math, logic games, and so much more! Google Play / iTunes

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PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games has fun and educational games for kids of all ages. There are over 90 games that feature games from shows such as Sesame Street and The Cat in the Hat. Google Play / iTunes

Play and Learn Science

Play and Learn Science allows your children to solve problems and learn about science with fun and interactive games! These games not only draw from real-world locations, but they are experiences and places your children will actually recognize. Google Play / iTunes


Tell me, what apps do your little kiddos love? What do you think are the best apps for preschoolers?

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