Why Every Homeschooling Family Should Get Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime can be a valuable asset in your homeschooling arsenal. Discover the many benefits that help with home education.

Why Every Homeschooling Family Should Get Amazon Prime There are many great reasons to love Amazon Prime and if you’re already signed up, you’re probably aware of them already. However, did you know that Amazon Prime can be a big advantage from a homeschooling point of view.   Amazon Prime Benefits that Make Sense for Homeschoolers  There are tons of benefits for Prime members, but a few stand out for techie homeschoolers. Free Shipping Not only can you get free shipping, but it’s fast, too. When I plan a project to support what we’re learning, I can have the supplies I need delivered within 2 days. That sure beats trying to find the time to get to Hobby Lobby or Target with all my kids … [Read more]

How Can Parents Keep Kids Safe Online?

It's hard knowing how to keep kids safe online. You want them to be able to use all that online goodness, but get worried about what they'll run into. This list ofinternett safety tools gives some great suggestions to help parents.

How Can Parents Keep Kids Safe Online? As parents of children in an increasingly digital age, we want our children to have access to all the good things about the internet. But how do we protect them from the bad things? How do we keep kids safe online? The internet is a beautiful thing. It puts a world of knowledge at our fingertips. It connects us with people all over the globe. It allows us to experience things virtually that we may never experience in real life. It educates, inspires, and motivates people on a daily basis. But the internet is also a scary place. It shows us things we never wanted to know. It can take us to places we wish we’d never been. … [Read more]

How to Use Educational Podcasts for Homeschooling

Listening to podcasts can be a great activity for your homeschooling. Check out these ideas for adding more homeschool podcasts to your lesson plans (plus get a list of top podcasts for homeschoolers).

How to Use Educational Podcasts for Homeschooling Do you love educational podcasts as much as I do? How about the ones that seem to give you a much-needed kick in the pants whenever you tune in? I know I do! In fact, my whole family loves podcasts. … RELATED POST … Encouraging Homeschool Podcasts Every Mom Should Listen To If your family loves educational podcasts and you’re looking for ways to use them in your homeschool, then you’re in the right place. I’m going to share some fun ideas that my family and my readers have used educational podcasts in our homeschools. Perhaps it will give you the inspiration you need to make podcast part of your regular routine. Ways to Add Podcasts to Home … [Read more]

How to Save Money on Your Family’s Mobile Phone Plan

It's time to get your kid a cell phone and all you can think about is how expensive a new plan will be. Read these tips to learn how to save money on your mobile phone plan.

How to Save Money on Your Family’s Mobile Phone Plan It’s the norm nowadays for multiple family members to have their own mobile phones. As you start adding kids to your plan, the cost o your plan can increase at an unexpected rate.  The cost to have a family plan cell phone can be in the hundreds, leaving many families wondering how they can save and keep a plan that fits their budget. These tips will help you find ways to save on your family mobile phone plan. 8 Tips for Saving on Your Cell Phone Bill 1) Do Your Research and Shop Around Don’t feel like you have to stick with the carrier you’ve used for years. There may be a better plan to … [Read more]

How to Homeschool Online When Traveling With Kids

Homeschooling doesn't need to stop when you travel. Read this to get ideas for keeping the learning going when you travel with kids

Welcome to the #TechieHomeschool IRL blog series.  In this post, my guest Kimberly shares some great options for homeschooling online when your traveling with kids   How to Homeschool Online When Traveling With Kids Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel with your kids any time of the year? Not having to follow a school year calendar; just hitting the road whenever the travel bug bit you? This is something I dreamed of doing and am fortunate to have the opportunity with our grandson. Now, as we are well into our third year of homeschool travel, I’d like to share some tips for other traveling families or those who are considering making a change in their lives. When I began homeschooling EJ we … [Read more]

How to Homeschool High-Tech Kids When You’re a Tech-Challenged Mom

I think lots of homeschool moms can relate to this post. What can I do to help my techie kid when I feel clueless about tech???

Welcome to the #TechieHomeschool IRL blog series. In this post, my guest Sara, a self-professed tech challenged mom, shares how she has nurtured her daughter’s techie interests. Sara Jordan Panning is a homeschool mom to three creative girls, ages 8, 10, and 16. She has been blogging at Embracing Destiny since 2008, where she shares their adventures with literature-rich, Charlotte Mason-influenced, delight-directed learning. How to Homeschool High-Tech Kids When You’re a Tech-Challenged Mom Technology has touched nearly every aspect of our lives. From daily planning to online courses to ebooks, it’s everywhere. Love it or hate it, we all need to address it somehow. As a somewhat tech-challenged mom, I’ve learned that it is possible to homeschool high-tech kids. I’ll share a few things I’ve learned along … [Read more]

Why Online Learning is a Huge Help for Single Parent Homeschooling

Single parents are superstars, especially the ones who homeschool. I love this post where one single mom shares how technology helps her to homeschool.

Welcome to the #TechieHomeschool IRL blog series. In this post, my guest Teresa shares how online learning resources has been a huge help for her with single parent homeschooling.   Teresa Pinnick has been homeschooling her children for 13 years, as a single full-time working mom for the past two years. She is the creator of Redeemed Reconciled Restored. She resides in Indiana, where she blogs about family, faith, and home education. Her mission is to encourage and help moms along their homeschooling journey. Why Online Learning is a Huge Help for Single Parent Homeschooling My family’s homeschool routine changed once I became a single parent. And technology plays a much bigger role than in the past. Before the switch to a single parent household, we would get up about … [Read more]

Using Technology to Homeschool High School

I love hearing how other families homeschool. This is a good post for anyone who homeschools high schoolers.

Welcome to the #TechieHomeschool IRL blog series. In this post, my guest Kim shares the role technology plays as she homeschools high school-aged sons.   Kim is a homeschooling mom to three teenage boys, a 16-year-old and 15-year-old twins. She blogs about homeschool and health at 3in15makes5. Using Technology to Homeschool High School When I first talked to my husband about writing this article, he said, “We don’t use that much technology in our homeschool.” Then I started rattling off everything we are using. We were both surprised at how much we actually use technology in our high school. We have three teenage boys in 9th and 10th. I think it is especially important to use technology to homeschool high school because it trains them to become … [Read more]

6 Simple Tech Tools for Home Education

Here's some good advice for ways to use more tech for home education. Simple is what I need.

Welcome to the #TechieHomeschool IRL blog series. In this post, my guest Natalie suggests six simple, do-able ways you can add more digital learning into your family’s home education. 6 Simple Tech Tools for your Home Education Are you a bit resistant to combining the fast-paced world of technology with your child’s education? Maybe you’re concerned about the communication and creativity skills kids are lacking today. Yet, your students can succeed with these 6 simple tech tools for your home education. It’s our job as parents to monitor all activity with our kids, whether it’s during homeschooling, extracurricular activities, or church. That’s why homeschooling is so unique and successful. You define the rules — you are the principal of your homeschool. The Principal decides how to have a healthy balance of … [Read more]

How to Use Technology in Your Elementary Homeschool Lessons

You know that you need to add more tech to your homeschool plans, but are nervous about letting your kids loose online, right? I get it. Read to find out how this homeschool mom transitioned to using more digital learning for her elementary homeschool lessons.

Welcome to the #TechieHomeschool IRL blog series. In this post, my guest Ashley shares about the process she’s taken to embrace technology and use it more for her elementary homeschool lessons. Ashley is a secular homeschooling mom of three kids. She shares fun things to do with your kids, delicious recipes to feed your family on busy days, and tips for making your homeschool journey as painless as possible. You can find her at Forgetful Momma. Or StarBucks.  How to Use Technology in Your Elementary Homeschool Lessons I took a little time to come around to the idea of using technology in our homeschool; I was nervous about having it “take over” our days and our lives. It took time for me to see just how … [Read more]