Discover a Simple Method to Organize All Your Digital Homeschool Resources

Let’s face it - homeschooling certainly isn’t what it used to be. With the advances in technology, we now have access to endless educational experiences just a click away. 

But, we shy away from techie homeschooling because we think compuer hassles are inevitable. Limited devices, forgotten login information, lost digital files ... all these issues make techie homeschooling intimidating. 

What if you could confidently organize your computers and digital files to set up your family for techie homeschool success? There is a way!

Learn how to simplify and synchronize digital learning with Techie Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Digital Homeschool Organization

Learn how to… 

  • Set up each of your children with an online identity 
  • Manage login information and passwords for all your kids to access whatever they need online 
  • Create user accounts to sync everyone’s data across devices 
  • Develop a digital file system that works for your family’s unique needs 
  • Create a customizable homeschool inventory database to keep track of all your digital (and physical) homeschool materials  

For just $24, you have lifetime access to 15 lessons full of empowering, yet practical advice and tips. Follow along with step-by-step tutorials that instill confidence by taking the “how??” out of the equation and setting you up for techie homeschool success. 

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Techie Homeschool Mom's Guide to Digital Homeschool Organization course is fabulous. Beth takes an otherwise difficult task and breaks it down into small, easy to follow steps that will have your homeschool resources organized and easily accessible.”

... Lesley ...

“If you have a lot of homeschool resources just sitting in your computers, then you need to take this class to get it all inventoried. You will learn some new tools and resources to get your digital homeschool files organized in a fun and stress-free online class.”

... Shannon ...

“I love that the course affirmed some things I was already doing, tools I was using, etc. but it also introduced me to new tools I would not have found on my own that will make my homeschool life more organized. By investing the time on the front-end to organize, I will reap time that I can invest in other important pursuits.”

... Charlotte ...

“If you are overwhelmed with all your homeschool digital materials, this will walk you step by step out of the overwhelm. It will give you the tools necessary to feel confident in organizing those materials into useful information, making your homeschool adventure easier in the process."  

... Abby ... 



Organize your users Set up each computer user in your family with their own digital identity so that they can easily find all they need for their techie homeschooling.

Organize Your Devices Discover how to create user accounts on your different devices so that no matter what computer a child is using, they can access the things they use regularly.

  Organize Your Digital Homeschool Files Develop a cloud-based filing system to organize all your digital files, making it easy to sync them across devices and share them with your homeschoolers.

 Inventory Your Digital Homeschool Materials Create your very own custom homeschool inventory database so that you can easily see what digital products and online courses you own. 

Downloadable Quick Step Guide Some of the tasks you learn will need to be repeated in the future. This guide wil help jog your memory of the steps.

All for only $24 


Computers set up right + organized digital files = TECHIE HOMESCHOOL SUCCESS