Memorial Day Online Unit Study

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“Memorial Day”…what thoughts enter your mind when you hear those words? The beginning of summer? A 3-day weekend? End of school? Yeah, I'm with you there, along with the feeling of guilt that we don't remember the true purpose of Memorial Day.

Honestly, I had a rude awakening as I started planning this unit study. I told my husband that I was considering writing a unit study about Memorial Day, and my 9-year-old chimed in, “What's that?” Mom fail! My daughters need to learn about the honor due for our heroes.

So here you have it, my friend…the Memorial Day Online Unit Study. Your family will learn the true meaning of Memorial Day. Then, research the branches of America's armed forces and explore our past conflicts and war casualties. Express and share honor for our fallen soldiers by creating a digital illustration that will encourage others to remember the sacrifice of our heroes.

If you would like to see “inside” the Memorial Day Online Unit Study, CLICK HERE to view a Periscope broadcast about it. (Ignore that it says the video is 33 minutes long. It's just a Periscope glitch)

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Homeschool lesson plans for Memorial Day. With this online unit study, you will learn the meaning of Memorial day, study America's military and create a digital project to honor fallen soldiers.




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