Guide to Digital Homeschool Organization


This Techie Homeschool Training eCourse teaches you how to organize your computers and digital files for efficient, hassle-free techie homeschooling. Learn how to:

  • Organize your users: Set up each computer user in your family with their own digital identity so that they can easily find all they need for their techie homeschooling
  • Organize Your Devices: Discover how to create user accounts on your different devices so that no matter what computer a child is using, they can access the things they use regularly.
  • Organize Your Digital Homeschool Files: Develop a cloud-based filing system to organize all your digital files, making it easy to sync them across devices and share them with your homeschoolers.
  • Inventory Your Digital Homeschool Materials: Create your very own custom homeschool inventory database so that you can easily see what digital products and online courses you own.


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