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Why Your Child Should Learn To Code

As a parent, you always want to ensure you’re doing what you can to best prepare your child for their future. With so much to learn and not nearly enough hours (or patience) in the day, it can be tough to determine what subjects, lessons, and extracurriculars to prioritize. However, in today’s tech-driven society, there’s little question that learning to code and interpret the languages our computers use is an invaluable skill to learn. As more and more of our lives come to rely on computers, it’s critical to equip our kids with the ability to understand and interact with technology.

Not convinced your child’s time is best spent learning to program computers?  Maybe you've never considered these reasons kids should learn to code.

Just because you didn't learn to code as a kid doesn't mean your kids shouldn't learn programming. Find out all the reasons they SHOULD learn to code.

Reasons Kids Should Learn to Code

1) It’s easier when they’re young.

Learning to code works much like learning a new language. While the concepts and structures that comprise a foreign language can be hard to grasp for older, more developed minds, children often have a far easier time picking it up. By exposing your child to coding when he or she is young, you’ll make the process of learning exponentially easier for them.

2) They’ll gain a better understanding of technology.

We live in a society that relies heavily on technology. Everything from our cars to our medical devices is powered by computers, and while we all appreciate the convenience and comfort these things provide, few of us truly understand the inner workings of the machines and devices we use each day. By teaching your child to code, you’re equipping them with the knowledge to view technology through a different lens – one of greater understanding.

3) Coding is fun.

Learning to code doesn’t have to be boring. On the contrary, it can be tons of fun! The process of learning computer programming has been largely gamified, and you’ll find dozens of apps and websites that have found fun and interactive ways to help kids grasp basic coding concepts.

6 Genius Ways for Kids to Learn to Code

4) It will improve problem-solving skills

Coding can be a great way to practice problem-solving and learn how to persevere when things get challenging. Understanding how to code will teach your child to take a logic-based approach to problem-solving and to break bigger challenges apart into smaller, more easily manageable pieces. Learning how to troubleshoot your own mistakes is a very basic and very critical part of learning to code, and your little learners will be better off for it!

5) Coding promotes creative thinking.

Coding also encourages kids to think creatively. Once they’ve grasped the very basics of coding and are at the point where they’re able to construct a web page or create a simple app, they’ll find they can think out of the box and customize their creations as much as their knowledge will allow them to. Looking for new solutions to unfamiliar problems can be a great exercise in creative thinking.

6) They may discover a future career.

By teaching your child to code when they’re young, you’re helping to instill a deep understanding of and a love for technology. If your child carries their interest in technology through their youth and early education, it will open the doors to a world of opportunity later on in life. As software engineers and other tech-savvy positions become more and more in-demand, you’ll be glad you gave your child a competitive advantage in the job market before they could ever realize it.

By teaching your child to code when they’re young, you’re equipping them with an invaluable skill that will benefit them in many areas of their life. From boosting academic performance and their ability to problem-solve when they’re young to giving them a head start in the highly competitive tech job market, there are plenty of good reasons to find a way to expose your little ones to coding.

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Tell me, how do you think your child would benefit most from learning to code? Leave a comment and let me know!


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