Digital Learning Tools

  • Check out over 200 live online homeschool classes at Outschool. Outschool is a perfect fit for eclectic techie homeschoolers.
    200+ Live Online Homeschool Classes
  • Illustrated quote graphics are a great project to add to any homeschool study. No matter what you are studying, you can find a memorable quote. It might be wisdom from a notable person or a quote from a favorite story. Watch this tutorial for creating your own images.
    Techie Homeschool Project: Illustrated Quote Graphic
  • Visual design projects are a great way for homeschoolers to share what they learn. Do you need to add more projects into your homeschool lesson plans? Be inspired with these 15 awesome projects homschoolers can create with Canva.
    15 Projects Homeschoolers Can Create With Canva
  • Try out this STEM activity from the Olympics Online Unit Study. By tracking medal standings during the Olympic Games, your family will learn about spreadsheets and graphs.
    Olympics STEM Activity: Creating Graphs with Google Sheets
  • It's your responsibility to teach your children healthy social media habits while they're in your care. Just like you need to let them experience money so that they grow up to be fiscally responsible, you need to let them experience social media so that they grow up to be digitally responsible. Read to find out how to get started teaching your kids about social media
    What Are You Teaching Your Kids About Social Media?
  • Educaplay is one of my favorite homeschool webtools because it gives my family opportunities to be information creators, not just information consumers. We can create crossword puzzles, jumbled sentences, interactive “maps” (which could be any type of image), matching games and more.
    Homeschool Webtools: Educaplay
  • Techie Homeschool Mom's Favorite Homeschool Webtools for online learning
    Techin' Your Homeschool: Favorite Webtools
  • Many homeschool methods and curriculums encourage timeline creation. Check out these 5 tools digital learners can use to create interactive, multi-media timelines.
    5 Ways to Create a Timeline Online
  • The “how to”s of writing have changed with the development of technology. And homeschooling moms need to change the way to teach writing to your children. Using these 4 digital tools makes the writing process more efficient and prepares your children for a productive future in our tech-driven culture.
    A Homeschool Mom’s “Must Have” Webtools for Teaching Writing
  • How would your kids like to create a virtual art gallery? They can use this webtool to share their own artwork or to demonstrate what they have learned about famous artists and artwork. This is a 'must do' project for any homeschool art curriculum. Get your free template today.
    Digital Homeschool Project: Virtual Art Gallery