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Hi! I'm Sara, a teacher-turned-homeschool-mom who loves the benefits a balanced approach to technology can bring to homeschooling.

I'm so glad you stopped by!  Whether you're …

  • a techno-phobe who sweats every time your kids ask for help with the computer,
  • a techno-user who hasn’t made digital learning a priority,
  • a techno-phile who can’t figure how to fit technology with your kids’ learning styles, or
  • a techno-whiz who needs encouragement about homeschooling in general,

my goal is to inspire and equip you to add valuable digital learning experiences into your homeschool.

Our journey to homeschooling:

I'll start by sharing that I never thought I would be homeschooling my kids (yep, I’m one of those).  I taught high school math for about 9 years, and honestly thought I would be doing that for the rest of my life.  When it came time for my son to enter kindergarten and we were researching options, I felt strongly led to homeschooling; and as terrified as I was, I also knew that if God was leading me to this, He would lead us through it!

So here we are, and we've never looked back.  The opportunities that homeschooling has afforded our family have been priceless, and I'll be forever thankful for these years God has entrusted me with training these children He fearfully and wonderfully made.  

And how learning has changed over the years!  Our kids have so much information and methods of learning right at their fingertips, and homeschooling allows for more freedom and flexibility when it comes to what and how they learn.  We have a big responsibility as parents to not only help them navigate this techie world, but help them thrive.

Now, I wouldn't say I'm a techno-whiz (thankfully, I've got my husband Josh for that!), and I'm not a techno-phobe.  I'm probably somewhere in-between.  I love using a balance of technology in our homeschooling, and get excited about all of the fun tools that are available for our kids (and us moms!).  I love finding and creating new resources to supplement our learning, and I want to help you find the resources that will best encourage your children in their learning, too.

A little bit more about me:

I am married to Josh, my high school sweetheart, and I am so thankful for his support (tech-support AND homeschool support!).  He is truly my best friend and the Lord certainly knew I couldn't do this without him.  We have been blessed with four kids that keep me on my toes each day.  Luke is my oldest son, Emma and Carly are my twin daughters, and Oliver is our youngest.  (Fun fact: my three older kids all have the same birthday.  What makes this even crazier is that my twins were premature by 3 months, so this definitely was not planned!).  So far, they don't mind this too much.  

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I have been in the online e-commerce industry since I left my teaching career (just one of the paths God paved to make this homeschooling thing a reality – He is so good!), which eventually led to blogging – which I absolutely love!  In addition to Techie Homeschool Mom, you can find me over at Blessed Homeschool, and pick up some fun homeschool apparel from my shop Homeschool Style Co.

What to do next:

I hope that you will browse around the blog and that we will get to know one another!  Come join my Facebook Group, and Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram. Subscribe to my email list.  Check out the Online Unit Studies in my shop.  And join me for inspiration on this quest to discover digital learning tools and guide our kids’ learning as best we can.