Techie Homeschool Mom is a place for moms who want to guide their home learners in this ever-evolving digital age.

Whether you are …

  • a techno-phobe who sweats every time your kids ask for help with the computer,
  • a techno-user who hasn’t made digital learning a priority,
  • a techno-phile who can’t figure how to fit technology with your kids’ learning styles, or
  • a techno-whiz who needs encouragement about homeschooling in general

Whatever your comfort level with digital learning, my homeschooling momma friend, I’m glad you are here.

Let me clarify something upfront. I am not a technical person. If you want to learn about things like computer hardware, networks or coding, I am definitely not your girl. Experience has shown that we just shouldn’t go there. But I am good at researching and finding the great resources for what I need…and that is where my enthusiasm for digital learning comes from. I love that there are information and learning tools right at my fingertips..

You see, I recognize that the learning opportunities our children have are way different than the ways we learned. There is a whole world of learning accessible that I never dreamed about when I was in school. Living in the information age, we can be flexible about what, when and how we learn, having opportunity to learn freely.

Know this…I’m not going to tell you that all learning should happen in front of a screen. I firmly believe in the value of play and hands-on learning. But I do know that there are lots of tools online that spur on discovery and project-based education. And I want to help you find the best resources to encourage your childrens’ full learning experience.

Techie Homeschool Mom blogger and creator of Online Unit StuduesMike & I decided to homeschool before our children were even born. I had worked for a few years as a teacher and knew how I did NOT want my kids to learn. I knew that I wanted to keep them close and help them grow in their God-given talents and interests. As homeschooling parents, our goal is that our girls will live full lives, that they would know how to love God and others well and much, that they would always enjoy learning and they would know the best ways to learn and grow in their passions and interests

Frankly, we are not big on WHAT our children learn, as long as they know HOW to learn. Our homeschooling style is eclectic delight-directed learning leaning towards unschooling with a big love for unit studies. (yeah, we have a hard time defining our style).

I am blessed with five daughters who we firmly believe have been designed by God for a purpose. We want to guide them towards that purpose. Mikayla, my oldest, is a musician, Julia is an artist and writer Lara is our animal loving crafty girl. Karissa is an athlete. And Alexa is our techie/mathematician/fashionista (future fashion designer, perhaps).

I feel a little out of place in the blogging world because I don't like chocolate or coffee and don't have time for all those things bloggers write about in their “about” sections. When I am not guiding my girls’ learning, managing our home, cooking, driving my kids where they need to be or helping my husband, I am sleeping (fav thing to do) or working on my business. You see, this blog is my hobby turned business and I love it!

I am also the creator of Online Unit Studies. I had been planning Internet-based unit studies for my girls, eventually creating elearning courses with simple navigation. A few friends encouraged me to start selling Online Unit Studies, and so I did.

I hope that you will stick around and we will become great friends. Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram. Subscribe to my email list. Imagine us hanging on my couch, geeking out over the new techno learning tools we’ve discovered while our kids are out playing (because, honestly, that is exactly what is going on while I write my posts.)

Join me for inspiration on this quest to discover digital learning tools and guide our kids’ learning as best we can.