Cool Technolgy Gifts Any Teen Will Love

These Tech Gifts are So Cool That Your Teen Will Think You're the Hippest Parent Around for Giving Them.

Cool Technolgy Gifts Any Teen Will Love If you have a teen on your Christmas shopping list this year, you’re probably wondering what to get them. Teens are often pretty challenging to buy for, but technology usually does the trick with this group of gift recipients. If you’re looking for gift inspiration for a teen in your life, this list of cool technology gifts is for you.   Portable Charger Your teen is likely attached to their phone 24/7, so getting them an on-the-go power source to keep their battery fully charged is a great idea. They’ll love the small size of this portable charger, which can easily fit in their pocket and still provide more than one full charge on any device.   Fujifilm … [Read more]

The Absolute Best Gifts for Kids Who Are Tech-Obsessed

Here's a Round-Up of The Best Gifts for Kids Who Love All Things Techie.

The Absolute Best Gifts for Kids Who Are Tech-Obsessed Finding the perfect tech gift for your kid can be a challenge. In addition to finding a toy that’s fun and engaging, it also helps if the tech toy is educational as well. The best gifts for kids are ones that combine fun and educational qualities all in one. If you have a kid that is tech-obsessed, these techie gifts are a perfect choice.   MERGE Cube The MERGE Cube combines physical and digital play using augmented virtual technology (the kind of stuff you see in sci-fi movies!!). Using a mobile device, your kids can explore the Solar System, hold ancient artifacts in their hands, watch volcanos erupt and more. Download apps for different games and … [Read more]

20 Fiction Books for Kids Who Love Science and Tech

This is a great list. If you've got a kid who's into science and tech, they'll love these books with characters they can relate to.

20 Best Fiction Books for Kids Who Love Science and Tech Got a techie kid who loves science and tech? Why read factual books all the time when there are so many fiction books for kids waiting to be explored? Whether it’s a rainy day, lazy weekend or hot Summer afternoon allow your child to get lost in an adventure from one of these stories with characters just like them. Doll-E 1.0 Charlotte’s world is fully charged! With her dog at her side, she’s always tinkering, coding, clicking, and downloading. She’s got a knack for anything technological–especially gadgets that her parents don’t know how to fix! Then, she receives a new toy that is quite a puzzle: a doll! What’s she supposed to do with that? … [Read more]

12 Best Robot Toys and Kits for Techie Kids

Are your kids crazy for robots? Check out this list of the best robot toys and kits.

12 Best Robot Toys and Kits for Techie Kids Robot toys are great options for kids who love experimenting with technology. Whether you purchase your child a robot kit so they can create their own or a fun interactive robot for them to play with, your kids will love getting one of these cool toys. But, what are the best robot toys and kits to get?  These recommended items will make amazing Christmas or birthday gifts for your techie kids. Meccano MeccaSpider This cool robotic kit will encourage your kids to develop their engineering skills by constructing an intricate spider robot and programming it to play a variety of customizable games. The Meccano MeccaSpider features a variety of programmable modes and has a unique personality … [Read more]

Techie Tween Gift Ideas that Will Up Your “Cool Parent” Status

Shopping for your 9-13 year old won't be so hard with this list of techie tween gift ideas (and you'll surely impress them with how hip you are)

Techie Tween Gift Ideas that Will Up Your “Cool Parent” Status Tweens can be a difficult group to buy for. They’re often comfortable using adult technology but also enjoy playing and being creative. The best tween gifts center around helping them socialize with their friends and straddle the line between childhood and adulthood. These awesome techie tween gift ideas will definitely make you the cool parent this Christmas. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Your tween will love listening to their favorite music without the hassle of cords thanks to these cool wireless Bluetooth headphones. These headphones work well to filter out outside noise while also providing high quality sound.   Ocean Wave Light Projector With a built-in mini music player and amazing light display, your tween will … [Read more]

15 Best Gifts for the Gamer in Your Life

Want to Get Your Favorite Gamer a Gift, But Don't Know What They Would Like? This Gift Guide Will Help.

15 Best Gifts for the Gamer in Your Life If you have a gamer on your list, the Christmas gift options can be overwhelming. There are so many accessories and add-ons on the market today, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life.  Especially if you aren’t a gamer yourself. This list of the 15 best gifts for gamers will help you narrow your search by providing you with some of the best options out there this holiday season. Gaming Headset No gaming system would be complete without a quality gaming headset. These awesome headphones work to block outside noise while making it super simple to communicate with their teammates with the noise cancelling microphone.   Blue Light … [Read more]

15 Fun Gifts Any Phone Geek Would Want

Here's A List of the Perfect Gifts to Give That Friend Who Can't Live Without Their Phone

15 Fun Gifts Any Phone Geek Would Want Do you have a friend or family member that is attached to their phone all hours of the day and night? If you know someone who is constantly texting, snapping, and Instagramming, this list is for you. These 15 gift ideas will make the perfect present for your favorite phone geek. Texting Gloves Your phone lover won’t need to skip a beat this winter with these cool texting gloves. With a no-slip grip and finger tips perfect for smartphone usage, they’ll love the fact that they can keep warm and use their phone at the same time.   Cup Holder Phone Mount This handy phone mount fits inside any cup holder, making it the perfect option for … [Read more]

Physical Activities for Kids Who Prefer Screen Time Over Active Play

Feel like your kids aren't active enough because they're always on a screen? Discover these great ideas for physical activities that techie kids will love.

Physical Activities for Kids Who Prefer Screen Time Over Active Play Looking for physical activities for kids, but struggle to get your kids to get off their tablets, game consoles, smartphones, and computers long enough to exercise? You are not alone. “My kids would rather have their faces glued to a screen than go outside to play!” This is a common complaint amongst parent of this generation of digital natives. As digital immigrants, we parents want our children to live healthy, balanced lives. We want them to get out of the house and run around – like we had to do when we were their age. While I do agree that getting some sunlight and fresh air is important, I disagree that going outside to … [Read more]

Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Join a Homeschool Co-op

Every year I consider joining a homeschool co-op, but then I remember all the reasons I didn't the year before. This post simply lays out advantages and disadvantages of joining a co-op. Maybe it can help you decide what's best for your family.

Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Join a Homeschool Co-op There are a lot of decisions to make when you’re homeschooling your children. Among things like schedule planning, whether to use offline or online curriculum, and other quandaries, whether to join a homeschool co-op needs to be decided. Co-ops are wonderful homeschool programs for many families, where a community of home educators come together to share their strengths and knowledge for the benefit of the group. Being a member of one of these groups can be very beneficial for many homeschoolers, while others feel that they are not the best fit for their family. By exploring some of the pros and cons of joining a homeschool co-op, you can get a better idea if these groups … [Read more]

Everything You Need to Know About Online Tutoring Sites

Oftentimes, a tutor sounds like a good idea. You'd be surprised how much just a few sessions can get your kids on track. Find out why using an online tutor is the way to go, plus get recommendations for the best online tutoring sites.

Everything You Need to Know About Online Tutoring Sites There may come a point when you realize that you need a little extra help teaching concepts to your child. And it’s nothing to feel ashamed about! Even the best educators around may need some extra help, especially if you’re homeschooling high school – after all, it’s probably been a while since you studied most of the subjects. It makes sense to seek out resources to fill in the gaps. Fortunately, there are many online educational resources that can help you. One example of these resources is online tutoring sites. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. “Tutoring is so expensive!” “Our schedule is so crazy, I don’t know how we’d find the time to meet up … [Read more]