A Homeschool Planner That Encourages Independent Learning

Want a customizable, yet simple, homeschool planner to keep track if your kids are getting their work done? Check out how to use this homeschool student planner template.

A Homeschool Planner That Encourages Independent Learning As a homeschool mom, one of my goals is to guide my kids to be independent learners. I want them to take responsibility to keep track of what needs to be done without needing to nag them. I want them to learn how to manage their time to get the job done. I want them to keep a homeschool planner of their own, not something dictated by me. Because, you know… life skills. But, over the years, as my kids have become more independent, I’ve gotten lazy about making sure they’re really doing the work. It was easier back in the day when I was right beside them, doing more “teaching” and “directing”. But nowadays, I’m more of a facilitator … [Read more]

The Best Apps for Preschoolers to Use for Homeschooling

The Best Apps for Preschoolers to Use for Homeschooling Way back when I was little, using tablets and phone apps just wasn’t a thing! If your parents wanted you to learn something before you went off to elementary school, you had a workbook, flash cards, or some other type of educational game. We use apps in our homeschool all the time to help supplement lesson plans and teach our kids valuable skills. And preschoolers can even join in on the techie fun. Here are twelve of the best apps for preschoolers.   AlphaTots Alphabet AlphabetTots Alphabet uses action verbs to help toddlers learn the alphabet. They’ll have a blast learning letters and sounds through building robots, zapping alien ships, and even digging for buried treasure. … [Read more]

Five Internet Safety Tips Your Kids Need to Know

Five Internet Safety Tips Your Kids Need Know In today’s high-tech, ultra-connected world, kids are getting online and surfing the Internet earlier and earlier. While there are many steps you can take as a parent to help your child be safe online, such as implementing parental controls and installing robust security programs, you’ll quickly learn you can’t control everything your child does on the Internet. Instead, you’ll need to equip your children with some tips and guidance to help them know what’s acceptable and what isn’t. … RELATED POST … Teaching Kids How To Stay Safe on the Internet Not sure where to begin? Here are a few Internet safety tips all kids should know: 1) Practice safe password habits. Help your child understand the … [Read more]

Science Learning Apps to Use in Your Homeschool

Science Learning Apps to Use in Your Homeschool Learning science can be pretty tricky from home. Especially if you don’t have a lot of space to run science experiments. With the use of a few great apps, you can bring science to life in your homeschool. These science learning apps make great supplements for your homeschool lessons.   … RELATED POST … Choose an Online Homeschool Science Curriculum Your Kids Will Love  The Elements   Whether you are trying to teach chemistry or just the periodic table in general, this app is perfect! The Elements uses words and pictures to help your kids learn the periodic table in a fun way. Itunes BioInteractive EarthViewer BioInteractive Earthviewer is a time machine that will allow you to scroll through … [Read more]

Why Your Child Should Learn To Code

Just because you didn't learn to code as a kid doesn't mean your kids shouldn't learn programming. Find out all the reasons they SHOULD learn to code.

Why Your Child Should Learn To Code As a parent, you always want to ensure you’re doing what you can to best prepare your child for their future. With so much to learn and not nearly enough hours (or patience) in the day, it can be tough to determine what subjects, lessons, and extracurriculars to prioritize. However, in today’s tech-driven society, there’s little question that learning to code and interpret the languages our computers use is an invaluable skill to learn. As more and more of our lives come to rely on computers, it’s critical to equip our kids with the ability to understand and interact with technology. Not convinced your child’s time is best spent learning to program computers?  Maybe you’ve never considered these … [Read more]

12 Spelling Apps Every Child Should Use

12 Spelling Apps Every Child Should Use Spelling is a critical skill to learn at a young age, and mastering it can have a very real impact on your student’s abilities to learn down the road. With spelling being such an important skill, it’s hard to believe kids can have so much fun learning it. Check out these spelling apps you can use in your lessons. … RELATED POST … Best Google Chrome Extensions to Help Students with Writing A+ Spelling Test You can create your own spelling tests with this app, making it easy to tailor to your lessons! The flexibility this app affords makes it perfect for all ages! Google Play / iTunes Come Learn Spelling Learning always has to start somewhere, and … [Read more]

Top Workout Apps That Keep Your Whole Family Fit

Top Workout Apps That Keep Your Whole Family Fit If you’re looking for ways to shed pounds or get stronger, you may be surprised to learn you’re already equipped with a powerful tool that’ll help you get the results you’re after – your smartphone. There are hundreds of fitness apps out there, paid and free, to help you break a sweat, build muscle and burn calories. These apps can empower both you and your family to work out and get into shape – no gym or equipment required. Ready to incorporate more exercise into your life? Here are the top workout apps that can help you – and your family – get into shape! … RELATED POST … Physical Activities for Kids Who Prefer Screen … [Read more]

6 Techie Ways to Bond With Your Child

6 Techie Ways to Bond With Your Child In today’s tech-focused society, many parents are on a mission to find ways to draw their child away from their technology and get them to engage in other ways. While there is certainly merit in spending time together without the distractions caused by our devices, there are also plenty of ways you can actually use technology to strengthen your bond with your child through your smartphones, tablets, and computers. Not sure how technology can help you grow closer? Try out some of these ideas. Sure-Fire Ways to Bond with Your Child (that involve a screen) 1) Play video games together. Many parents might balk at the idea of grabbing a controller or mobile device and joining their child for … [Read more]

Big List of Coding Apps for Kids

The Big List of Coding Apps for Kids Coding at a young age can set your children up for success later on in life! Teaching your kids about coding is a great way to get them interested in technology and make it more fun.  Instead of having to learn by the book or a boring course, try these coding apps for kids that I found.  By introducing your kids to programming with these fun apps, you may discover a strong interest and talent. Plus, you can set them up for a lucrative future career, or at the very least, teach them some stellar logic and critical thinking skills. … RELATED POST … 6 Genius Ways for Kids to Learn to Code Encode Encode works as a personal … [Read more]

Fun Video Games You Can Play As a Family

Fun Video Games You Can Play As a Family While many parents are quick to dismiss video games as something for the kids, you might be surprised to learn there are plenty of fn video games that are perfect to play with the whole family. Even if you’re on a mission to curb your child’s tech time and find other ways to have fun, it’s hard to ignore the fact that technology, computers, and by association, video games are becoming an increasing presence in our lives. Instead of rejecting your child’s love of video games, try to view them as a fun new way to have fun and bond together. Mario Party 10 Available for the Nintendo Wii U, Mario Party 10 is a great … [Read more]