Best Math Apps for Kids That Make Learning More Fun

My kids always want to play on my phone, so at least I can make it educational, right? I'm going to load on some of these math apps for kids.

Best Math Apps for Kids That Make Learning More Fun Math can be one of the hardest subjects for kids to grasp. Since math is one of the hardest subjects, it can be difficult to convince your kids to sit down and actually do math problems. I have found that instead of forcing them to learn through worksheets, you can get the same results by allowing them to play different math-themed apps instead! Here are the best math apps to get your kids excited about arithmetic. … RELATED POST … Ten Great Options for Homeschool Math Courses Online Math Magic Math Magic teaches math in a way that is not only encouraging but fun! Math Magic uses colorful and simple displays with a reward system … [Read more]

Kids and Smartphones: What to Do When Your Child Gets a New Phone

So, it's time to get your child a smartphone. Now what? Check out this mom advice on how to establish guidelines for usage, plus set up the phone so your kids stay safe.

Kids and Smartphones: What to Do When Your Child Gets a New Phone Making decisions about kids and smartphones is a new thing for our generation as moms. We know that our phones ( when used in a healthy way) make our lives much more efficient, but we’re torn about whether our kids really need a phone of their own. And when they need them. I addressed the question of  “When Should I Buy a Smartphone for My Child?” in a previous post. But more decisions loom after you decide you should, in fact, get a phone for your child. …What kind of phone should you get? …Where’s the best place to buy?  …What apps do your kids need? …And how do you manage their cell … [Read more]

How to Find the Best Udemy Courses

With over 80,000 online classes to choose from, how do you find the best courses on Udemy? Read to find out the best tips for finding the perfect course.

How to Find the Best Udemy Courses Whether you’ve been reading my blog for a while or just stumbled across it seconds ago, it should come as no surprise that I am a big fan of techie, online learning. Our family’s online learning journey started when my daughter wanted to start voice lessons. We didn’t have the money available for private training, so I found some online vocal coaching courses for her. That’s when I discovered Udemy, our go-to source for online courses. Udemy is hands-down one of the best resources available for homeschoolers who want to learn new skills online. But, with so much to offer, it can be tricky to find the absolute best Udemy courses for your specific needs. Let me share the … [Read more]

How to Save (and Earn) Money with Coupon and Cash Back Apps

Who doesn't love some extra money in their pocket? Find out how to use coupon and cash back apps to save money on everyday purchases.

How to Save (and Earn) Money with Coupon and Cash Back Apps The cost of everything from groceries to gas seems to keep going up and up, so it’s important to find ways to save money where ever you can. Luckily, there are tons of amazing money-saving apps available to help you save on everyday purchases. Use these coupon and cash back apps to pad your family’s budget. Ibotta is the next generation of couponing and is a must for saving money on groceries and household goods. Simply browse this cash back  app for deals before shopping and open the app up when you get home to scan your receipt and the barcodes of eligible items to earn cash back on your shopping trip. In … [Read more]

How Nighttime Screen Use Affects Your Kids

Wondering if your kids should be on their tablets before bed? Read this post to find out the effect on nighttime screen use on your kids.

How Nighttime Screen Use Affects Your Kids Smartphones, laptops, even Rokus provide access to a seemingly unlimited amount of information. Technology may be an integral part of your child’s life, but there is a downside that can interfere with both academic and social success. Screen time before bed can disrupt your child’s natural sleep-wake cycle. Lack of sleep can compromise your child’s physical, emotional, and mental health, so it’s important for you to understanc the effects of nighttime screen use on your kids. Circadian Rhythms and Sleep Cycles A healthy sleep-wake cycle actually starts with light. As sunlight filters through the Earth’s atmosphere, it becomes blue spectrum light. Blue light and sleep have an interconnected relationship because the human eye has special photoreceptors that absorb … [Read more]

Luma Learn: A Marketplace of Online Christian Homeschool Classes

Have you tried Luma Learn yet? They've got a huge selection of online courses for homeschoolers, all taught by Christian teachers with a Biblical Worldview.

Luma Learn: A Marketplace of Online Christian Homeschool Classes Looking for online Christian homeschool classes? Then you need to check out Luma Learn, a new marketplace of online courses all taught by independent Christian teachers. You can choose from over 100+ live or self-paced online courses with new ones being added all the time. Luma Learn was founded by Tina Piper, a Christian homeschooling mother of seven, who knows first hand the struggles and concerns we parents have for the quality of our children’s education, such as finding passionate and engaging teachers who hold a biblical worldview and utilize a convenient and reliable e-learning platform. Your student will experience one of the most up-to-date learning management systems and virtual classrooms, giving them the confidence to navigate the modern educational experience. … [Read more]

Fun Christmas Apps You’ll Want to Download this Holiday Season

I can't wait to share these Christmas apps with my kids! So much fun.

Fun Christmas Apps You’ll Want to Download this Holiday Season When you start to see twinkling lights, festive trees, and nativity scenes pop up on every street, you know Christmas is right around the corner. Since the holiday only comes around once a year, it’s perfectly acceptable – encouraged, even – to find as many ways as possible to embrace the spirit of the season and celebrate Christmas. While my family relied on books and carols to get into the holiday spirit in years past, more recently, we’ve started downloading fun Christmas apps to get in a festive mood. Your smartphone can be a great tool to help your family gear up for the holidays. There are a surprising number of apps out there that … [Read more]

When Should I Buy a Smartphone for My Child?

The 21st-century question of "When should I let my child have a phone?" has no clear answer. But, using these tips, you can discover the best time to buy YOUR child a phone.

When Should I Buy a Smartphone for My Child? One question that I get asked A LOT is “Is my X-year-old child too young to get a cell phone?” As parents, we often struggle with this dilemma. We have discussions with our partners (or our inner selves) about why (or why not) we should buy a smartphone for our child. And the answer is not always clear.  Pros and Cons of Your Child Having a Phone Ok, so let’s talk about the positive aspects of getting your kids a smartphone first. They have a way to communicate in emergencies I think that this one is at the top of every parent’s list when it comes time to make this decision. It makes us feel better … [Read more]

Big List of Tech Gifts for Mom

Gotta' Mother Who Loves Gadgets and Gizmos? Check Out This List to Find the Best Tech Gift for Mom.

Big List of Tech Gifts for Mom You know that a techie mom knows that how much easier managing her life, family, and home can be with gadgets and gizmos. Not only can tech make our homeschooling efforts more successful, but it can also help us make our days go more smoothly. Whether it’s helping us clean our house or instantly getting our coffee started in the morning, this list of tech gifts for mom will give you some ideas to put on your holiday wishlist.     iPad One of the most versatile tablets on the market, an iPad can be used for everything from watching videos to teaching homeschool lessons. Whether you choose to use this iPad just for yourself or share it … [Read more]