Techie Homeschool Graphic Design Club



Join other homeschoolers for 6-weeks of graphic design lessons. Students will complete projects, then share their creations with other club members. They will learn to review each other's work, all while forming lasting relationships with other homeschool families.

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How does Techie Homeschool Graphic Design Club work?

  • You’ll register your family for the Techie Homeschool Graphic Design Club.
  • For 6 weeks, you'll log into the Techie Homeschool Graphic Design Club to discover a new lesson.
  • Kids will use webtools to complete design projects
  • Kids will upload their digital design projects from the week and give each other feedback.
  • Kids will read books and watch videos to learn about the history of and careers in graphic design.
  • Everyone will connect with other homeschool families who also have an interest in graphic design.

Who can participate?

  • Upper-elementary and middle school homeschoolers interested in design

What do I need?

  •  A computer
  • Subscription to Canva (graphic design program) – the free version will work to start
  • Subscriptions to assorted online webtools to be used for digital projects (many of which offer a free trial period)

What will my children get out of this?

  • graphic design skills
  • supervised digital interaction
  • online collaboration experience
  • relationships with other homeschoolers

What if we can't complete all the lessons?

No big deal. Your family can work at your own pace and even complete projects late to catch up. However, you may not get as much feedback from other students who have advanced further in the course

Project Showcase
(created by past students)