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No matter if you're shopping for Christmas or birthdays, you'll find something your techie kids will love in this 2017 collection of the best tech gifts for kids.

Looking for the best tech gifts for kids? This list will give you some ideas for presents any techie kid will love.


I know that it's hard for us digital immigrants to find quality (yet affordable) gifts for the digital natives in our lives. We want to find gifts that are fun, but still educational, right? We don't need yet another toy that gets forgotten a week after your child gets it. If your child is into electronics, they'll be delighted by any of these gifts.

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12 Best Tech Gift for Kids

Discover the best tech gifts for kids


Piper is the perfect gift to capture the attention of any kid and inspire them to invent with electronics and coding.


Take your crafts and projects to a whole new level with electronic stickers!

Cue from Make Wonder

Kids can learn about robotics and fundamental coding skills and have fun doing it with Cuem the Cleverbot.

Echo Dot

You can play your favorite music, send messages, order pizza and so much more with the Echo Dot. A hands-free device that lets you control lights, tv’s, fans, thermostats and more with compatible devices in your home.

Discover the best tech gifts for kids

Lego Fusion Town Master

Combine real LEGO brick building with your smartphone or tablet and watch your creations come to life on your device.

Apple iPad with WiFi

Great for web browsing, YouTube, basic photo and video editing, and playing music, games, and even educational apps!

MSi Gaming Laptop

Packed with graphics and performance power, this laptop is perfect for gaming on the go.

Powerup Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Turn ordinary paper airplanes into motorized machines that you can control with your smartphone or tablet.

Discover tech gifts for kids

Kurio Watch

A real smart watch just for kids with an activity tracker, camera, games, messaging capabilities and much more.

Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game

Bloxels is an innovative video game creation platform. As the game designer, watch your game world come to life as you create your own spaces, objects, characters and more.

HUE Animation Studio

Create your own stop motion animated movies with LEGO, clay, paper, or toys with HUE Animation Studio. A fun and educational gift for kids.

Osmo Genius Kit

Turn your iPad into a hands-on learning tool that encourages visual thinking, , problem solving, and creative drawing skills.

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