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15 STEM Toys that Teach Coding

Whether you already have a code loving child or want to have your child explore engineering and programming, this gift guide of top toys that teach coding is full of great ideas. All of these ideas are both fun and educational ways to explore the world of coding, and are geared towards children of at least 5 years old. I will admit though, some of these are pretty awesome and you might find yourself wanting to check them out with the kids!

This list of 15 STEM Toys that teach coding will give you lots of gift ideas for techie kid.s

These are all budget-friendly gift ideas, so don’t be afraid to share this list of STEM toys with the grandparents so they can have a “win” come gift-giving day.

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Toys that Teach Kids to Code

Code Master Programming Logic Game

Ultimate Kit 2.0 from Lets Start Coding 

Wonder Workshop Cue Robot

Learn to Program Kids Get Coding Paper

ALEX Toys Future Coders Poppin Pictures Coding Skills Kit


Code Car Toy

Star Wars Coding Projects

WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy

Boolean Box – a Build-It-Yourself Computer Kit for Girls

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

Alex Toys Future Coders Cube Stackers Coding Skills Kit

Jewelbots – The STEM Wearable That Teaches Coding!

SmartGurlz with Jun Doll

Microduino mCookie 102 Basic Kit


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Tell me, which STEM Toy do you think your child would love to have?

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