Tips for Buying Gifts for Techie Kids

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When it's time to buy a gift for a tech-loving kid, you might feel like a fish out of water. If you're not into tech yourself, it's confusing to know what gift is best for your child. And when you see the price tag, you may wonder if the investment is worth it. Let me tell you, it is! It's important to consider your techie child's interests when buying gifts.

When buying a gift for a tech-loving kid, you might feel a little clueless about which option is best. These tips will help you make a good decision.

There are all kinds of tech gifts for kids … everything from child smartwatches (like this one from VTech) to remote control interactive robots (like CleverBots) to tablets and laptops.  So, how do you know what tech gift to get for your child? These four questions will help you decide.

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Things to Consider When Buying Tech Gifts for Kids

Is my child old enough or, more importantly, mature enough for this gift?

It's important that you consider the age of the child as well as their maturity level when picking out tech gifts. For example, a Lego Mindstorms Programmable Robot might be too much for a younger child. However, a younger child might like Stikbots that they can pose and then animate with their smartphone app.

How has the experience of other families been with this product?

It's important to read reviews when buying any type of electronic or tech gadget, but it's especially important when getting these gifts for kids. You want to see what other buyers are saying, especially the parents of other children. You could also look at tech review sites and tech magazines for reviews on popular products, so you know what you're getting into before you buy. And don't forget to ask other techie homeschoolers at Techin' Your Homeschool about their experiences

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Will my child be interested in this item for the long haul?

You want to give a gift that meets the natural interests of your child and won't be forgotten come February. For example, you wouldn't invest in a BitsBox subscription for a child who is more interested in art than programming. Instead, you might get a Wacom tablet for your artist. The gift should be a tool for helping your child grow in their interests and talents.

What role will this gift play in my child's homeschooling?

One of the great things about tech gifts is that they can also be educational. When considering what to get for your child, think about how it can also be used in home education. It's always a big bonus when learning can be fun, so think of ways to incorporate these gifts into your homeschooling.

When considering this questions, you'll be able to make a wiser decision when buying gifts for your kids.

Tell me, what's the best gift you've ever purchased for your techie kid?

More ideas for techie gift buying …

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