Meet a Techie Homeschool Mom: Krysta

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Krysta has been “officially” homeschooling her 3 children for 2 years, but does feel their home education started when their oldest child was born 6 years ago.  Her family has a “Eclectic with a Techie Montessori lean” style of home education.

How do you include technology in your home education?

IPad apps, YouTube, Netflix and iMessaging

What kind of devices do you use for techie homeschooling?

IPad, TV and Laptop

What traditional homeschool supplies and tools have been replaced by techie homeschool tools in your home?

Paper and pen are rarely used. Flashcards, most teaching books and many Montessori materials

Meet Krysta, a techie homeschool mom, and be inspired to add more digital learning to your homeschool.

What motivated you to add more tech to your family's home education?

I'm a first wave tech-native married to a tech pioneer. Our eldest has cerebral palsy among other things, so it was a natural fit

How are you preparing your kids for their future in our ever-evolving techie future?

They learn as we go.

How are you instilling the attitude that technology is a tool, not a toy in your home?

For us, it is both. They don't have to be separate, they can be educational and fun.

What's the biggest challenge you face in regards to digital learning?

Cost. We get iTunes cards for birthdays and our 4yo is on the edge of needing her own device.

What do you think holds people back from adding more digital learning to their homeschool? How can you encourage someone to work through that?

Fear of the unknown, thinking they should be able to do it naturally when they weren't raised with it. They just need to spend some time playing with it and take it one step at a time. They don't have to understand everything about it immediately.

 What's the general attitude in your “real-life” homeschool community about techie homeschooling?

We tend to pull others in and share links/apps/videos that we find. Our friends have come to trust that what we find/share will be educational as well as enjoyable.

Share first steps someone can take to start techin' their homeschool.

I think YouTube is the easiest step. There are so many videos you can incorporate to nearly any need. We start our Morning Time with a song (Mandesia's Good Morning) and Yoga (Cosmic Kids Yoga) to wake up and prepare their brains for the day. Yoga is great for ADHD.

Anything else to add?

Our eldest is medically fragile so by using a ton of tech, schooling doesn't stop for Doctor appointments or hospitalizations. It actually accelerates since my girls are usually not around to interrupt and we can get more done. Everything is compact and easy to bring along. We need a dry erase marker, sheet protectors, his binder, mine, maybe a book, IPad and charger, that is all. I use my laptop to print out anything that I need for his binder (copy work, spelling words, mathsheets, etc). In a pinch all I need is the IPad, as apps cover nearly everything including handwriting.

You can learn more about Krysta at her blog, Frog in Stitches.

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