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Saying “Goodbye” to Netflix

Last week, I broke up with Netflix after 10 years.

I remember the geeky joy I felt when we first found each other. I didn’t need to load up my (then) toddlers and babies to go rent a movie…Netflix would just send me one and I could return it whenever I wanted. And quickly, our relationship went to a whole new level and, they started streaming the movies directly to my TV. STREAMING …what a concept!


But, things change and people change and my devotion to Netflix has waned. It hasn’t been wooing me with a great movie selection. And so many titles don’t fit with our needs and values. I don’t feel as “understood” so, frankly, my eyes have wandered.

When Netflix and I got together, they were the only video streaming service out there. It was a great alternative to cable, something I did not want in my home.

So, last Friday, the Napoli family said “goodbye” to Netflix. 


When we started using Netflix, it was the only video streaming site out there. But lately, I haven't liked the selection. So, we said "goodbye" and replaced our standby with other video streaming services. Read to find out more.

My kids were shocked…there were a few outbursts and even some tears shed by our resident drama queen. But that all subsided when they actually let me share the reasons. Netflix isn’t the least expensive kid on the block. And frankly, we just weren’t using it for anything except mindless sitcoms and cartoons (things I would have NEVER let my kids watch even just 3 years ago…this is why we don’t have cable, my friend). I want to get more control over what we watch by limiting what is available. Can you relate? (Read more about our Screen Time policy HERE)

These are the Netflix alternatives I chose for our family.

Our New Video Streaming Sites

First, you need to know how to watch the movies you stream on your TV. Some newer smart TVs are integrated with streaming channels. But, our TV isn't the smartest one on the shelf. So, we use a Roku Streaming Stick

I share a little bit about it during this live video (advance to 6:45 so you don't need to hear me rehash what you just read about!). All these sites I recommend have a Roku channel, plus work on mobile devices, so it will be life as usual for us.




Amazon Prime Video – A few years ago, I invested in a Prime membership for the free shipping. (online shopping = easy life!). But, the added bonus of select free video and music, plus Kindle Lending Library…why wouldn’t we fall in love? Admittedly, the free feature movies aren’t the absolute best, but the selection of documentaries and such rocks!.  You can get a free month of Amazon Prime at THIS LINK to see if the video selection works for you.



PureFlix – This is our direct Netflix replacement. This is the place our family will go for their individual “techertainment”. If they want to watch a show, they can choose from PureFlix. The values and beliefs expressed in the programs more directly reflect our family’s values than Netflix videos. It’s only $7.99/month…comparable to what we’d already been spending for Netflix. Check it out HERE.


Curiosity Stream – I just discovered this gem, so I’m still “checking him out” with the free trial. The selection of documentaries seem fascinating and could fit well with things my kids are interested in. I think it will be worth the $2.99 monthly fee. You can check it out and get a free trial HERE.

Honorable mention: Up Faith and Family – Up is also new to me and seems like it has a promising selection. I'm not sure if I'm ready for a commitment yet, but am keeping it in mind.

Truth be told…streaming video is a great way to start (or continue) “techin’ your homeschool”. My kids get so much more out of video documentaries than reading textbooks or websites. Digital natives are visual learners and, with the advances in technology, educational programs are so much more engaging than in years past.

How about you? What video streaming services do you use? How are they working out for you?

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8 thoughts on “Saying “Goodbye” to Netflix”

  1. Pureflix looks great but only available in USA and Canada. Hopefully one day UK and South Africa will be able to access this site too.

  2. We have amazon. We have used the streaming service through them for a couple years now. My issue with amazon is content control. The Prime (free) options are not easily monitored. So your child can watch anything with that Prime banner on it if you are not careful. Which is why I “used” to prefer netflix since I could set up a profile and have specific viewing controls in place. That is now failing on netflix. One of our older children came to me and showed me an option showing in their netflix que and I was floored. I had it set to young kids ratings and an adult show was showing as an option. No, the adult show was not one of the adult cartoons. It had a picture for the movie cover showing that could easily be rated X. So now I am not only unhappy with netflix, but also unhappy with amazon. I am going to check out some of the others you mention. We love our roku.

  3. We love good movies and productions. Pureflix has a lot of cheesy shows but with patience we have found favorites that we have been satisfied with. Currently I am sitting with my 5 year old watching Samson. We are actually enjoying it. I just got Netflix back after being separated from it and I told the kids my expectations. I also trying vidangel for the first time. With Vidangel now you have to have a subscription to Netflix or Amazon (or both). I am not doing Amazon. I will have to choose between vidangel and pureflix because I have a budget if $20 a month for this sort of entertainment. I do recommend them.

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