25 Apps for a Techie Family Game Time


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People complain that technology isolates people, but I disagree. Yes, there's potential for isolation, but we can combat that by teaching our kids healthy tech habits.  As the first generation of digital moms, we need to figure out ways to guide our kids towards healthy habits and attitudes about electronics usage. And one way to do this is offering screen time that brings families together.

My girls have a blast playing multi-player apps. I like them using apps instead of board games because the multi-player apps…

  • take up less space
  • are more portable
  • don't have crucial pieces to lose
  • are less expensive than board games.

My daughters have discovered a few game multi-player apps they like. And being the geek I am, I went on a quest to find more games that we could all play together.  Feel free to use my list to find games for your family's techie game time.

I can't actually call the list “recommendations” since I haven't tried them yet. Decide which ones you want to try by reading reviews or watching a gameplay YouTube. Get the whole family involved in the research, helping your kiddos discern what would be good games to try. Then set aside a time when you will play the games.

25 Apps for Family Game Time.


As I researched, I discovered four different multi-player modes, and they vary by game.

  • Play on the same mobile device, all at the same time (you'll get really cozy)
  • Pass-and-play on the same device (one player takes a turn, then passes the devices)
  • Play on multiple devices locally (all on the same WiFi network or through Bluetooth).
  • Play online with multiple devices (set up an account for each family member and invite to play)

25 Apps for Family Fun

Here are 25 game apps I want to try out with my family. I'm including links for you to Google Playstore and iOS App Store.
  1. Heads up (Android, iOS)
  2. Words With Friends (Android, iOS)
  3. Mad Libs (Android, iOS)
  4. Bounden (Android, iOS)
  5. Scrabble (Android, iOS)
  6. Reverse Charades Jr (Android)
  7. Ticket to Ride (Android, iOS)
  8. Teledoodle (Android, iOS)
  9. Psych! (Android, iOS)
  10. Catan (Android, iOS)
  11. Shakepop (iOS)
  12. Space Team (Android, iOS)
  13. Uno & Friends (Android, iOS)
  14. Battleships – Fleet Battle (Android, iOS)
  15. Carcassonne (Android, iOS)
  16. King of Opera (Android, iOS)
  17. The Game of Life (Android, iOS)
  18. Glow Hockey (Android, iOS)
  19. Connect Four (Android, iOS)
  20. Jenga (Android, iOS)
  21. Yahtzee with Buddies (Android, iOS)
  22. Roll the Pigs (Android, iOS)
  23. Finger Twister (Android)
  24. Battle Slimes (Android, iOS)
  25. 6 Takes! (Android, iOS)
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How about you, my friend? What multi-player apps does your family like to play? Leave  a comment to let my know.



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