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12 History Apps That Will
Get Your Kids Excited About Learning


They say if we don’t learn history, we are doomed to repeat it. Help your students learn to love history with these awesome history apps. No matter what age your kids are, they’ll love the way history comes alive with technology.

The Best Homeschool History Curriculum You’ll Find Online

World History Documents

Learn history through the writing of the time! With actual original documents from the various historical ages of the world, this app gives your students insight into history firsthand! iTunes

The Civil War Today

“Relive” the Civil War day by day with this amazing app from the History Channel! Covering each day of the Civil War, your kids will learn details about history that they might have missed elsewhere! iTunes

Learn World History

From the beginning of recorded history, up through the 1900s, this app will quiz your students on everything from art to scientific events, to important political movements! It may not look as polished as some other apps here, but the information is just as useful! Google Play

Khan Academy

While Khan Academy is known for covering every topic you can think of, it is especially useful for history! The available courses cover basic history, up through AP level history topics, so Khan Academy can help students of all grade levels! Google Play / iTunes

Ancient Rome For Kids

When in Rome… learn about the Romans! This app is targeted at a younger crowd, but contains fun games and great info for your students! Google Play / iTunes

American Revolution Interactive Timeline for iPad

Developed by The Museum of the American Revolution, this app gives your kids as close to a hands-on experience as they’ll get without taking a field trip! TONS of information is displayed alongside images of real historical relics, giving you a museum at home! iTunes

The easiest way to get a kid to learn something nowadays is to hand them your phone, right? No complaints. Try out these history apps to help your kids with their social studies lessons.

Back in Time

We tend to think of history as only the time that humans have been around, but this app takes you even further back! Travel back through history all the way to the point that time began with the Back in Time app! iTunes

The Pyramids

Become a historical archaeologist and dive deep into the Pyramids! History comes alive when your students get to explore firsthand! iTunes

WORLD BOOK – This Day in History for iPad

New historical facts for every day of the year! This would be a great lesson opener each day, but you can skip around through days freely for quicker info. iTunes

World History SMART Dictionary

With everything your student needs to learn about any era in history offline, this app makes for great lessons on the go! Don’t skip class for travel, bring class with you! iTunes

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World History Trivia Quiz

Do your students have what it takes? Check their knowledge with this fun world history quiz, and help them nail down the facts! iTunes

The Presidents – Flash Cards

Remember flash cards? Stop wasting paper and use this app to help with your American history lessons! Review all the US presidents in a fun interactive way!  iTunes



Tell me, have you tried any of these history apps? Or others? What did you like about them? Leave a comment.

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