Learn how to keep track of all your homeschool links and digital files. Free template available.
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Techie homeschool moms, I hear your cries.

“I download too much and can't remember which folder I downloaded it to”

“Homeschool organization is getting more and more complicated. I have so many courses, e-curriculum, and e-books that I don't even know what I have.”

“I struggle with not knowing what resources I have to begin with. Also not knowing how to incorporate all of the resources we have – most of them end up sitting on my computer, either forgotten or not being used”

“I need to know how to  find all of the materials I find online that I cannot just download and save on my computer or tablet/how to share information between my desktop and tablet/how to keep my downloaded files organized so I can find them quickly and easily”

The struggle is real. That's why I created a Digital Homeschool Inventory for my family. [Related Post: A Mom's Greatest Struggle in this Tech-Driven World]

Learn how to keep track of all your homeschool links and digital files. Free template available.

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Using Airtable, I now have a tool where I can store links to all our digital homeschool materials to easily access them with a click. I can sort, filter and group the items to find exactly what I need. I can even keep track of what resources we've used each school year.

Check it out! (You can even click around in this sample to give it a test drive)

Think you could benefit from a tool like this?  

I’d be happy to share the template I designed so you can create your own Digital Homeschool Inventory List. Sign up below and I’ll email you a link so you can copy my template. I’ve got fields and categories already set up for you. You’ll just need to input your items and never misplace a homeschool file or link again!


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Check out this Q&A video for more tips about digital homeschool organization.


What's your biggest challenge when it comes to digital homeschool organization?

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6 thoughts on “How to Keep Track of Digital Homeschool Files

  1. Oh my goodness!!!! This is awesome!! In this day and age wit all the downloads and free printables, if I don’t print them right away they often just disappear into the abyss to he forever forgotten. Excited to go digging in the archives and see what I can find.

  2. Thank you! This looks like it will be really helpful – for a variety of things besides the incredibly useful function of keeping track of all of my digital products.

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