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Fun Video Games
You Can Play As a Family

While many parents are quick to dismiss video games as something for the kids, you might be surprised to learn there are plenty of fn video games that are perfect to play with the whole family. Even if you’re on a mission to curb your child’s tech time and find other ways to have fun, it’s hard to ignore the fact that technology, computers, and by association, video games are becoming an increasing presence in our lives. Instead of rejecting your child’s love of video games, try to view them as a fun new way to have fun and bond together.

Mario Party 10

Available for the Nintendo Wii U, Mario Party 10 is a great game for families to enjoy together. Similar to the previous games in the Mario Party series, players move around a game board together, completing challenges and mini-games as they go. While you can definitely deploy a bit of strategy to get ahead, the game is easy for beginners to understand and pick up. This short learning curve, combined with Mario’s nostalgia factor, make this game fun for parents and children alike.

Get all the deets about Mario party 10 HERE.



Minecraft was originally released for PC, but you can now play this popular game on virtually any platform. First launched in 2011, it’s been around for a little while, but it’s still an incredibly popular game for kids to play – and a fun one for parents to play as well. Multiplayer modes allow you to navigate the Minecraft universe as a family, building houses and exploring uncharted territory together. The concepts are easy to pick up, so you won’t spend too much time struggling over this one. You might even be surprised to see just how much fun you have mining for gold and building towers.

Get your online game code for Minecraft HERE.

Surprising Education Benefits of Minecraft

You Don’t Know Jack Vol. 3

The You Don’t Know Jack series of games is a hilarious trivia-based game the whole family will love! Challenge your family to see who has the most random knowledge, and you’re sure to have a few laughs along the way! One great thing about this game is that you can use your cell phones as controllers, keeping everyone off of social media and focused on the game instead. Note: some of the humor in this game can be a little risque, so if you’re playing with little ones, you’ll want to activate the family-friendly filter available in the settings!

You can download the game from Amazon HERE.

I never thought of playing video games WITH my kids. The ones on this list seem like lots of fun.

Sea of Thieves

Released in early 2018, Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure multiplayer game well-suited for old and young players alike. In this game, you’ll sail the high seas with your crew (of up to four players). Each person plays a critical role on the ship – someone needs to steer, while someone else has to hoist the sails – and you’ll work together to explore the world, uncovering hidden loot and completing quests as you go. You’ll have tons of fun conquering one swashbuckling challenge after the next with your crew!

Learn more about Sea of Thieves HERE.


From seafaring adventures and underground exploration to trivia challenges and throwbacks to classic favorites, there are lots of video games on the market well-suited for families to play together. Read reviews and do your research to understand what each game entails and determine what’s appropriate – and what’s not – for your family to play together. 

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Tell me, what fun video games does your family like to play together? Leave a comment and let me know your family’s favorite game below!

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