Cool Art Education Apps Your Creative Kids Need to Try

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Homeschooling extracurricular activities can be kind of a pain if you are not very artistic. Teaching extracurriculars in the classroom can be just as beneficial to your children as science, math, language arts, and any of the other common core standards. Art education is an important part of extracurricular learning in our homeschool, and we use apps to help make learning art easy. 

Art Education Apps

Green Screen by Do Ink

This Green Screen app allows your kids to upload photos or videos from their device and use the green screen effect to make videos! Itunes

Opera Maker

Your kids can choose the stage, the costumes, music, and even sing using this opera maker app! This app combines music and artistic design to create a fabulous performance. Itunes


Colorscape allows you to take your own photos and turn them into awesome coloring pages! Take a picture of anyone or anything and Colorscape will outline it and turn it into a picture your kids can color. Itunes

Charting Art

Charting Art uses animated art guides to help children through four fun lessons that will require your kids to use their critical thinking skills to solve problems. There are 8 art projects that are hands-on and two projects per lesson. Google Play / Itunes

Let's Create! Pottery HD Lite

You don’t need clay to make great pottery! Let’s Create makes it easy to make ceramics right on your device! You can put clay on the wheel and sculpt a masterpiece without the mess. Google Play / Itunes


My kids love art and they love playing on my phone. So, I found this bunch of apps that will satisfy both of those loves. Check it out to try 12 cool art education apps.

Autodesk SketchBook

This free will allow your children to choose from a variety of different brushes and colors to create a masterpiece right on their device’s sketch pad! You don’t need paper and a pen to teach art education when you have this app. Google Play / Itunes

Doodle Art

Doodle Art is one of the easiest apps for your kids to use! Your kids will create dazzling drawings, paintings, and illustrations using this easy to use app. Itunes

How to Draw – Easy Drawing Lessons

How to Draw will bring a personal art teacher to your home using this app! It will show you how to draw everything from animals to dragons and even cartoon characters. Google Play / Itunes


Using Creatubbles you can bring creativity to the classroom in one simple app. This app challenges students to find inspiration through the use of bubbles to share work and give feedback. Google Play / Itunes


This awesome app lets your kids draw cartoons and animate their own series right from the app! You can even add in audio to bring your drawings to life. Google Play / Itunes

Kuinji! —Learn Art and Paint Styles

Kuinji! Allows your kids to taken quizzes about art history. They will learn famous artwork and learn about art movement and even painting styles. Itunes

ExplorArt Klee

ExplorArt will allow your children to jump into this interactive picture book where art comes alive!  Itunes

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Tell me, what art education apps have you used to inspire your artsy kids? What did you think about them? Leave a comment below.

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My kids love art and they love playing on my phone. So, I found this bunch of apps that will satisfy both of those loves. Check it out to try 12 cool art education apps. art education apps your creative kids need to try

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