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Why Every Homeschooling Family
Should Get Amazon Prime

There are many great reasons to love Amazon Prime and if you’re already signed up, you’re probably aware of them already. However, did you know that Amazon Prime can be a big advantage from a homeschooling point of view.


Amazon Prime Benefits that Make Sense for Homeschoolers

 There are tons of benefits for Prime members, but a few stand out for techie homeschoolers.

Free Shipping

Not only can you get free shipping, but it’s fast, too. When I plan a project to support what we're learning, I can have the supplies I need delivered within 2 days. That sure beats trying to find the time to get to Hobby Lobby or Target with all my kids in tow (just to get a few bottles of glue and pipe-cleaners)

Prime Video

There are many great ways to use Prime Video in your homeschool curriculum. Have you ever checked out the selection of documentaries? Just visit the Prime Store and search about the topic you're studying. You'll be surprised. Plus, there are lots of “fun” yet education programs as well. And the selection of videos for early learners helps a bunch when you need to keep the littles occupied while you work with your older students.

Prime Music

Use your Echo device or any bluetooth speaker to stream anything from classical playlists (they're supposed to help your kids learn) to times table memorization songs . You can also it use for a family dance party or for each family member to share “their” favorite music genres with each other. Combine it with an Echo Show and you can even read the lyrics as your listen. (psst… you can use this feature to teach the attributes of poetry)

Prime Reading

Not explanation really needed. When your kids come to you with questions you can't answer, take advantage of the instant access to the Prime library. You get instant access to books, magazines and more each month. There are many that are appropriate for children and teens.

Audible Channels

As an Amazon Prime member, you get access to a ton of free stuff which includes free content from Audible! Not only do you get Audible Channels, which are premium podcasts with lots of great original content from some of the funniest, smartest, most talented people, you also get access to a collection of audiobooks you can stream for FREE. Learn history, singing and the arts, and so much more.

Exclusive Savings

Amazon offers special discounts to their members. For example, once I noticed $100 off an Echo Show, just for members. That's some sweet savings. The biggest savings happen every year during Prime Days. Keep an eye out for it every July.

One of the best things about Amazon Prime is that you can try it 30 days for FREE. I encourage you to sign up and discover all the ways your family will benefit when you get Amazon Prime.

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