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How to Save Money on
Your Family's Mobile Phone Plan

It's the norm nowadays for multiple family members to have their own mobile phones. As you start adding kids to your plan, the cost o your plan can increase at an unexpected rate.  The cost to have a family plan cell phone can be in the hundreds, leaving many families wondering how they can save and keep a plan that fits their budget. These tips will help you find ways to save on your family mobile phone plan.

It's time to get your kid a cell phone and all you can think about is how expensive a new plan will be. Read these tips to learn how to save money on your mobile phone plan.

8 Tips for Saving on Your Cell Phone Bill

1) Do Your Research and Shop Around

Don't feel like you have to stick with the carrier you've used for years. There may be a better plan to accommodate new family members entering the realm of mobile phone use. LifeWire shares the 8 Best Family Cell Plans to Buy.  Maybe one of these will be a good fit for your family's mobile phone plan.

2) Always Negotiate

Don’t assume that the sticker price on anything (including mobile phone plans) is set in stone. Often times a cell phone carrier may have a promotion or fee waivers available for both long-term and new customers. Ask your cell phone carrier about recent promotions or waivers that you can take advantage of.

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3) Get Rid of Unnecessary Extras

Take a moment to review your monthly cell phone bill. Have a look to see if you’re paying for any unnecessary extras.  Call your carrier and ask them to explain what each fee on your bill is. Remove those unnecessary extra fees from your plan so that you are able to lower your cell phone bill quickly.

4) Opt-out on Insurance

The monthly or annual cost of cell phone insurance is an extra unnecessary expense, especially if you're being savvy and not purchasing really expensive phones. More often than not families are paying for cell phone insurance and never use it. That’s money best left saved for other areas of life.

5) Learn to Love Wi-Fi

There’s a reason you’re able to connect our cell phone to Wi-Fi. It helps reduce data usage which naturally starts to lower your cell phone bill. If you’re on a limited data plan then you’ll certainly want to watch your data rates by using Wi-Fi whenever it’s available. Check with your phone dealer about limit data usage on your children's phones.

6) Don't Write Off Unlimited Data Plans

If you are homeschooling on the go, you are going to use lots of data. Oftentimes, an unlimited data plan will save you money (vs' having to pay overage charges when you go over your plan limit). When we switched to an unlimited data plan, I felt lots more freedom to have my kids do their homeschool work while we were out and about.

7) Consider a Prepaid Phone Plan

Lastly, there are many prepaid mobile phone plans on the market that you can easily switch to while keeping the same cell phone number. When you’re ready to add more family members to your cell phone plan, you may want to consider trying a prepaid or no-contract cell phone first to lower your cell phone bill.

8) Buy Your Phone Outright

Many people don't realize you that you don't have to lock into that payment plan for a new fancy phone everytime you change providers. Shop around for the best deals on an unlocked phone that you can then add to your mobile phone plan. When it's time for your child to get their first phone, don't invest in the latest and greatest. Purchase them a refurbished past generation phone. Or hand-down one of your old phones. If your child really wants an expensive phone, let them prove that they can take care of it and give them chances to earn money to buy it themselves.


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