20 Cool STEM Activities to Learn About Ancient Times

Bring ancient history to life for your tech-loving kids with these hands-on STEM projects.

20 Cool STEM Activities to Learn About Ancient Times Have your children been begging to learn about Ancient Times but you have wanted to bring history to life with STEM activities? I have gathered a variety of activities for Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman times so that your child will have fun learning with these cool STEM activities. Both boys and girls will enjoy creating these activities while learning all about Ancient History in the process!     Have fun building an Archimedes Screw to bring water up from a bowl through the tube to another container like Frugal Fun 4 Boys did.   You can create your own Ancient Egyptian Calculator using Lego bricks just like Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool shows you all about … [Read more]

Homeschool Buyers Co-op: Your One-Stop Shop for Discounted Homeschool Curriculum Online

Homeschool Buyers Co-op is like the Costco for homeschool curriculum! They negotiate prices so that we can get learning resources at a fraction of the cost. Just read this to learn how it works and why the Co op is so great.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op: Your One-Stop Shop for Discounted Homeschool Curriculum Online Are you looking for an affordable way to buy your family’s homeschool curriculum online? If so, I can’t say enough good things about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. In fact, over 220,000 members across the world agree that it’s one of the best resources available for the frugal homeschooler. I figured it’s about time I talk to you guys about this money-saving website and how YOU can use it to save money while still getting all of the things you want for your family. What is Homeschool Buyers Co-op? If you’re not familiar with Homeschool Buyers Co-op, then you may be completely confused by what it is, especially if your idea of a co-op involves … [Read more]

SchoolhouseTeachers.com: The Best Place for Online Homeschool Classes

I never realized all the features on SchoolhouseTeachers.com! Find out why it is the best place to find online homeschool classes.

  SchoolhouseTeachers.com: The Best Place for Online Homeschool Classes If you want to start techin’ your homeschool with online homeschool classes, then a subscription to SchoolhouseTeachers.com is a necessity. Perhaps you’re new to homeschooling or you just recently heard about Schoolhouse Teachers. Maybe this post is your very first introduction to it. If so, let me give you a rundown of what it is before I start talking about why we love it. Schoolhouse Teachers is developed by the same people who create The Old Schoolhouse Family Education Magazine, a widely-beloved trade magazine written specifically for homeschoolers. It’s a great source of encouragement and inspiration. It’s also a great way to stay up-to-date on best practices and growth trends in the home education sector. You … [Read more]

Useful Chrome Extensions That Help With Homeschool Math

Need a few online tools to help your kids understand numbers better? Check out these Chrome extensions that help students with homeschool math.

Useful Chrome Extensions That Help With Homeschool Math Whether you have a child that is struggling with homeschool math or one who can’t get enough of solving equations, these Chrome extensions can prove to be immensely valuable! Not familiar with Chrome extensions? They are small programs that allow you to customize the way you use the Chrome browser, based on your needs. Many apps you already use connect to Chrome through extensions. Take a look at the Chrome Web Store to see the immense selection of extensions that make your online experience more efficient. How to Use Chrome Extensions Not sure how to use Chrome extensions? Don’t worry it’s really simple! Step 1: Download the Chrome Browser The first thing you need to do is … [Read more]

Best Google Chrome Extensions to Help Students with Writing

Looking for some tips and tools to help your child with their writing projects? This list shares the best Google Chrome extensions for developing writing skills.

Best Google Chrome Extensions to Help Students with Writing If you don’t use Chrome as your web browser, you should definitely check it out. It’s a fan favorite for a reason. It’s clean, user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. It’s fully integrated with your Google account, so once you sign in on any device, you have access to all of your bookmarks, saved data, and more! However, the thing that I love the most about Google Chrome is its HUGE library of extensions. There are extensions to help you with so many different things. There are even extensions to help with writing projects and learning to write better in general. I’ve rounded up this list of the best Google Chrome extensions to use for homeschool … [Read more]

A Homeschool Mom Hack for Teaching Writing Skills

Seriously ... helping your kids with their writing assignments can be painful. That's why this hack using two free apps has saved my relationship with my kids.

A Homeschool Mom Hack for Teaching Writing Skills (without ruining your relationsip with your child)   Fun fact: I used to be an English teacher. Mind you, I only actually taught a classroom full of kids for 2 years, but I spent 4 years of college learning all kinds of techniques for teaching writing skills. Another fun fact: That means nothing to my daughter. As far as she’s concerned, I don’t know what I’m talking about when I give her insight into her writing. Or much else in life for that matter. And since I’m more concerned about having a healthy relationship with her than how good of a writer she is, I’m really thankful for this hack I’ve come up with for helping her … [Read more]

Why Every Homeschooling Family Should Get Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime can be a valuable asset in your homeschooling arsenal. Discover the many benefits that help with home education.

Why Every Homeschooling Family Should Get Amazon Prime There are many great reasons to love Amazon Prime and if you’re already signed up, you’re probably aware of them already. However, did you know that Amazon Prime can be a big advantage from a homeschooling point of view.   Amazon Prime Benefits that Make Sense for Homeschoolers  There are tons of benefits for Prime members, but a few stand out for techie homeschoolers. Free Shipping Not only can you get free shipping, but it’s fast, too. When I plan a project to support what we’re learning, I can have the supplies I need delivered within 2 days. That sure beats trying to find the time to get to Hobby Lobby or Target with all my kids … [Read more]

How Can Parents Keep Kids Safe Online?

It's hard knowing how to keep kids safe online. You want them to be able to use all that online goodness, but get worried about what they'll run into. This list ofinternett safety tools gives some great suggestions to help parents.

How Can Parents Keep Kids Safe Online? As parents of children in an increasingly digital age, we want our children to have access to all the good things about the internet. But how do we protect them from the bad things? How do we keep kids safe online? The internet is a beautiful thing. It puts a world of knowledge at our fingertips. It connects us with people all over the globe. It allows us to experience things virtually that we may never experience in real life. It educates, inspires, and motivates people on a daily basis. But the internet is also a scary place. It shows us things we never wanted to know. It can take us to places we wish we’d never been. … [Read more]

How Much Screen Time for Kids is OK?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the topic of screen time for kids. Find out this mom's take on the topic.

In today’s day and age, the phrase “screen time” is almost always followed up by the question “how much?” Given that technology is ubiquitous in our society, being concerned about the amount of time your child spends with screens is totally valid. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the topic of screen time for kids. It’s imperative that you keep a flexible mindset when it comes to making decisions about how much screen time is OK for your child. Things to Consider When Managing Screen Time 1) Every child is different. This may sound like an obvious statement, but it’s a commonly overlooked one when it comes to the discussion of screen time. Just as you wouldn’t want your child’s pediatrician to give … [Read more]

How to Use Educational Podcasts for Homeschooling

Listening to podcasts can be a great activity for your homeschooling. Check out these ideas for adding more homeschool podcasts to your lesson plans (plus get a list of top podcasts for homeschoolers).

How to Use Educational Podcasts for Homeschooling Do you love educational podcasts as much as I do? How about the ones that seem to give you a much-needed kick in the pants whenever you tune in? I know I do! In fact, my whole family loves podcasts. … RELATED POST … Encouraging Homeschool Podcasts Every Mom Should Listen To If your family loves educational podcasts and you’re looking for ways to use them in your homeschool, then you’re in the right place. I’m going to share some fun ideas that my family and my readers have used educational podcasts in our homeschools. Perhaps it will give you the inspiration you need to make podcast part of your regular routine. Ways to Add Podcasts to Home … [Read more]