An End to the Summer Screen Time Battle

Have you caught the conversations on social media about summer screentime….“How am I going to keep my kids from staring at a screen all summer long?” As always, many mommas are quick to offer advice, and many of them spoke about limiting screen time and dealing with their kids' attitudes about electronics. I’m sure you’ve had a similar conversation in your home (and/or your head), probably feeling at a loss. We're the first generation of moms who needs to figure this all out. [RELATED POST: A Mom's Greatest Struggle in This Tech-Driven World]

The screen time war is real, my friend, and you and I are on the front lines. But, honestly, I threw in the towel over a year ago and called a truce. We instituted an unlimited tech time policy and it changed our family for the better. It’s amazing how less important something becomes when it's readily available. You can read all about our switch HERE.

I got this radical idea about summer screen time. Instead of figuring out how to keep the kids off the computer, what if we intentionally put our our kids on electronics? Find out how.

Recently, I got this radical idea about summer screen time. Instead of figuring out how to keep the kids off the computer, what if we intentionally put our kids on electronics? They want to be in front of a screen. And we want them to be creative and productive with their free time. So, why not have a win-win situation? Why not encourage healthy, worthwhile, creative screen time? Why not guide them to be tech creators, not consumers?

What I propose is that you and I and all the other digital immigrant moms be deliberately digital this summer. Let’s direct our kids towards tech tasks and projects, integrating computers into our lives. Let’s instill a healthy attitude about tech in our kids. And let’s challenge them (and us) to develop new tech skills and hopefully discover some talents.

Now, I wouldn't suggest this if I didn't have a plan for you. I don't want you to have to figure this out on your own, especially if you're not a geek like me. So, I'm going to make this easy for you.

All summer, I'll share an idea for “Techin' Your Summer” in each email I send my subscribers. These won't be projects you need to prepare for. And they won't put your kiddos in a screen-induced coma. These activities will get your kids thinking and using electronics in productive, worthwhile ways. You'll see tasks like “Use Skymap and go stargazing”. Or “Create a slideshow of pics from your family vacation”. Your kids will figure out how to use the tech tools and apps and will end up teaching you.

Plus…and you'll earn some “Awesome Parent” points because, instead of battling over screentime, you'll be encouraging it.

So, do you want in? Want to be deliberately digital this summer with my ideas for productive screen time? All you need to do is sign up for my email list to receive ideas for Techin' Your Summer.  You'll also receive weekly emails from me with digital learning inspiration.

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  1. I just found your blog and it’s excellent! What a great source for incorporating technology in your homeschool!

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