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Big List of Tech Gifts for Mom

You know that a techie mom knows that how much easier managing her life, family, and home can be with gadgets and gizmos. Not only can tech make our homeschooling efforts more successful, but it can also help us make our days go more smoothly. Whether it’s helping us clean our house or instantly getting our coffee started in the morning, this list of tech gifts for mom will give you some ideas to put on your holiday wishlist.




One of the most versatile tablets on the market, an iPad can be used for everything from watching videos to teaching homeschool lessons. Whether you choose to use this iPad just for yourself or share it with the members of your family is up to you.




Silhouette Cameo

For a techie mom who loves to get crafty, the Silhouette Cameo should be at the top of your wishlist. This cool craft tool connects to your computer and allows you to create just about anything you can imagine – from custom t-shirts to hand-scripted birthday invitations.


Kindle Fire

The newest version of Amazon’s best-selling tablet features a longer battery life and a sleek new design. You’ll love the amazing picture display and the built-in Alexa app gives this Kindle Fire even more connectivity to your other smart devices, as well as a stronger connection to the world around you.


MacBook Air

This lightweight laptop has a ton of amazing features any techie mom will love – from the incredible battery life to the lightning fast wireless performance. The MacBook Air also features amazing picture and sound quality for binge-watching and an HD camera that is great for FaceTiming.

Microsoft Surface Go

Designed for work and play, the lightweight Microsoft Surface Go is a great option for a techie mom looking for a reliable computer. This handy laptop/tablet combo is designed for the latest Windows laptop operating system and easily transforms into a tablet, making it an extremely versatile piece of technology.


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OfficeJet Pro

With mobile printing options and fast print speeds, the HP OfficeJet Pro is a great printer option for techie families. It easily connects wireless to a variety of devices, prints on several paper sizes, and has scanning capabilities, making it the only printing device you’ll need in your home.


Amazon Echo

Whether you want to instantly hear your favorite song or need a recipe to bake some brownies, Alexa can help. And one of the best ways to stay connected to Alexa is with the Amazon Echo. This handy device can make your life so much easier.


Relaxing Alarm Clock

Imagine waking up to a soothing sunrise and drifting off to sleep with a dimming sunset. This relaxing alarm clock will ensure you’re well rested every day thanks to its natural light lamp and calming alarm sounds.



iRobot Roomba

Not only is the iRobot Roomba an extremely convenient piece of technology to have in your household, it's also an amazing vacuum. With a three-stage cleaning system that loosens, lifts, and suctions dirt from the floor and power-lifting suction for increased air power, your floors will be sparkling clean every day of the year.


FitBit Versa

Track your activity, heart rate, and sleep stages with this beautiful smartwatch. The FitBit Versa not only features a unique tracking system and more than 15 exercise modes, but it also stores more than 300 songs to accompany your workouts.


Roku Streaming Stick

Access all your favorite TV shows and movies all in one place with the Roku Streaming Stick. This cool device plugs directly into your TV, making it simple to access all your streaming services with the click of a button.


Smart Coffee Maker

Start your coffee from anywhere with this cool smart coffee maker, which connects to a smartphone app for easy access. You can not only set your coffee maker to brew at any time, but it also lets you pick the strength and number of cups each time you brew.




Tile Tracker

Are you constantly misplacing your keys or wallet? Then this piece of tech is perfect for you. Simply attach the Tile Tracker to the item you’re always losing and use your phone to track it down each time it goes missing.


Phone Sanitizer

We all know how many germs live on our cell phones. Keep your family healthy with this amazing phone sanitizer, which removes 99.99% of germs from your phone.


Sleep Aid

Improve the quality of your sleep and wake up more rested and refreshed each morning with this awesome sleep aid. This amazing piece of technology tracks your sleep each night and lets you know how light, sound, air quality, and more affect the quality of your sleep.


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