Techie Homeschool Project: Filtered Photo Collage

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In this day and age, it's so easy to just click a few buttons to alter a photo. Whether you're editing right inside a social media app or using an outside photo app, you can get just the right effect.

But if you have a child just slightly interested in digital photography, it's important for them to know the “how” behind those filters. What are exposure and saturation? What does “sharpening” do? What is the foundation of photo editing? And which looks do you like best?

Any homeschooler interested in photography should know the "how" behind photo filters. What are exposure and saturation? What does "sharpening" do? What is the foundation of photo editing? And which looks do you like best? This Techie Homeschool Project introduces your child to the basics of photo editing.


In this project from the Techie Homeschool Photography Club, homeschoolers use PicMonkey to experiment with photo editing features and create a Filtered Photo Collage. Not only will your child be learning the basics of digital photography, but they'll expressing themselves artistically as they decide which looks they like best.


PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

To start, CLICK HERE to register/login at PicMonkey.  I recommend the 7 day free trial so you have access to all the features PicMonkey has to offer. If you don't like the PicMonkey membership, just cancel after you complete your project.

Now, choose a photo you've taken to use for your project. Your Filtered Photo Collage will showcase 6 images.

  1. Your original photo
  2. Image edited with PicMonkey's basic edit tools
  3. Image edited with PicMonkey's “Tried & True” or “Basic” effects
  4. Image edited with “Black and White”, “Camera Look” or “Paintbox” effects
  5. Image edited with “Spotlight”, “Focal Soften” or “Focal Zoom” effects
  6. Image edited with any filters and effects you want

Filtered Photo Collage Tutorial



When you're done, upload your creation to the comment section below.

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Yellow dots

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