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Want to add more art to your life and homeschool? Yes? Then you are going to love me for creating the Famous Artists Online Unit Study. This phenomenal homeschool curriculum integrates art, history, science, math, writing and tech education to learn about 10 famous artists. Yep, all that in Online Unit Studies‘ easy-to-use format. In my 12+ years as a homeschoolin' momma, I've never come across another art study like this. Sure, there are great books and curricula about famous artists, but something that has the kids creating a virtual art gallery? Come on…how cool is that?

After exploring the meaning of “art”, your family will study 10 renowned artists and discover 10 art movements from Renaissance to Surrealism. You'll watch videos and visit websites to learn about the artists' lives and styles.  Then you'll create your own masterpieces inspired by each artist.  The Famous Artist Online Unit Study is all tied together by creating art exhibits about each artist in a virtual art gallery. [Learn about this digital project HERE.]

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Online Unit Studies are Internet-based tech-driven courses for homeschoolers. No additional books and print resources are needed. Just gather supplies for hands-on projects, register for online tools and you're all set for a discovery learning experience.

What's Included:

Artist Art Movement Project
Leonardo DaVinci Renaissance Mona Lisa Parody
John James Audubon Realism Bird Nature Study and Drawing
Claude Monet Impressionism Water Lilies Collage
Paul Cezanne Post-Impressionism Apple Still-life
Georges Seurat Pointillism Pointillism Landscape
Gustav Klimt Art Nouveau Portrait in Gold
Henri Matisse Fauvism Goldfish Still-life
Wassily Kandinsky Expressionism Musical Oil Pastel Creation
Pablo Picasso Cubism Cubist Portrait
Salvador Dali Surrealism Dreamy Landscape Collage

CLICK here to preview the “What is Art?” lesson.  (Click the “Complete and Continue” button to see the complete lesson.)



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For more art resources, follow my Famous Artists Unit Study board on Pinterest.


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  1. Sounds like a fun unit! We’ve studied a few artists here and there and tried to copy their technique; my boys most fondly remember Jackson Pollock and our splatter painting in the yard.

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