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The Best Homeschool Unit Studies You'll Find Online

Homeschoolers love to use unit studies to explore many subjects at once. In the past, families would load up on books from the library, but today, so much learning can happen on the web … to the point of overwhelm. Instead of scouring the web trying to DIY a unit study for your family, be sure check out these three options for homeschool unit studies. Each is offered in a digital format for techie homeschooler to access easily. 

Who doesn't get overwhelmed by all the choices of homeschool curriculum online? If you want to use unit studies, you should check out these digital options for your homeschool lessons..

Let's look at three popular options for unit studies in digital format… Online Unit Studies, Homeschool in the Woods and Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.

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Unit Studies.com

Families who love digital learning may enjoy Unit Studies.com (formerly Unit Studie by Amanda Bennett) because the product is a digital download and is full of links to videos, printables, and other online resources. It includes ideas for two different age levels. You'll also find book idea lists to use with the unit study.

One of the drawbacks to these unit studies' format, however, is that a PDF is a static document. You download it once, and it cannot be updated by the author. If internet links change, the unit study will become less useful

Techie families who are adept at navigating the online world may find the unit studies challenging to navigate as they are not indexed and the table of contents is not hyperlinked. You’ll need to scroll (and scroll, and scroll) down through the pages of the PDF to find the links you need for a particular lesson.

You can learn more about Unit Studies.com HERE.

Homeschool in the Woods

Homeschool in the Woods offers digital homeschool unit studies focused primarily history and geography. They are great for a deep dive into a particular topic. They also offer lots of hands-on opportunities for creating a physical product.

However, these unit studies will also require a great deal of parent involvement. The layout and process is fairly complex and is definitely not something most kids could navigate on their own. There is also a fair amount of printing and cutting required to prepare for each day’s lesson.

You can learn more about Homeschool in the Woods HERE.

Online Unit Studies

If you are a techie homeschool family looking for the ideal digital unit study option, Online Unit Studies is that resource. The name itself explains the concept – unit studies that are hosted entirely online.

Courses are easy to navigate through a clear menu with easily defined headings and subheadings for modules and lessons. They are hosted in a secure environment without ad placement, so it’s safe to let your students navigate on their own.

Everything you’ll need is included in one place. Videos are embedded directly into the course, so there’s no need to leave and navigate to another page. And because this course is hosted online, links can be updated in real time, meaning that these courses will retain value better than downloadable PDF documents.

You can find Online Unit Studies to correlate with a wide variety of topics and even to match seasonal events and holidays throughout the year. No matter what the central topic of the course, you’ll explore other academic subjects. Students even learn how to use online tools to create projects.

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While they are thorough and packed with good information, they can be completed at whatever pace you choose. You can even skip right to the particular parts that relate to your family’s academic needs or interests.

I believe Online Unit Studies are the best choice homeschool unit studies on the web. Some may think I'm a little biased since I created the courses. But, even if I hadn't, I'd feel the same way. They are the only unit studies that tap into the full potential of online learning. Want to try a few lessons and discover why thousands of families around the world homeschool with Online Unit Studies?

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Choose one Online Unit Study and one web-based unit study from FundaFunda Academy

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As much as I love unit studies, I've been disappointed with the format of traditional unit studies. I’ve wanted a more “modern” unit study, something updated that meets the needs of my “digital native” children. I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I created unit studies in a new format for my family. Now I am sharing Online Unit Studies with your family.     We've tried Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett for our homeschooling. Liked some things about it, didn't like others. Here's my honest opinion.     Homeschool in The Woods is a popular homeschool curriculum. But, it is really all that?? Find out in this honest review.
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