Meet a Techie Homeschool Mom: Tatiana

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Tatiana has been homeschooling four of her children  for four years. Her family has a interest-led, classical Charlotte Mason style of home education.

How do you include technology in your home education?

We school on the go quite a lot, and listen to audio books on the road. We use YouTube videos as an introduction for nearly every lesson. We've also learned to film, create and edit videos for YouTube. I created a YouTube video production course to help the girls start, manage and monetize their individual channels. All essays and research papers are written on Evernote and assignment files are shared on Google Drive.

What kind of devices do you use for techie homeschooling?

Mac desktop, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and iPods (we like Apple apparently). We also take a wireless modem with us for an un-interrupted wifi connection.

Meet Tatiana, a techie homeschool mom, and be inspired to add more digital learning to your homeschool.

What traditional homeschool supplies and tools have been replaced by techie homeschool tools in your home?

Printer…we own one but rarely use it since we go paperless whenever we can.

What are your favorite techie homeschool tools and supplies?

iPads. It was the first thing we purchased when we began homeschooling and the one thing we would be lost without.

What do you think are “must-have” supplies for techie homeschooling? How do you use them?

Our portable modem is an absolute must have. We can connect up to 8 devices even in remote areas. We've learned about interesting plants and insects on nature hikes thanks to an internet connection multiple times.

What motivated you to add more tech to your family's home education?

We've always been fascinated with technology, so it was just natural for our family.

How are you preparing your kids for their future in our ever-evolving techie future?

We try to stay up to date with technology news and always watch Apple keynotes as a family. Geeky, I know. Being aware of what is out there inspires them to learn more. We just purchased a membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud, and we are looking forward to learning animation next.

How are you instilling the attitude that technology is a tool, not a toy in your home?

We don't limit screen time and never use technology as a reward. It's just a part of our daily lives. We also encourage our girls to create content and not simply consume it.

What do you think holds people back from adding more digital learning to their homeschool? How can you encourage someone to work through that?

Many adults are unfamiliar with technology and assume they'll have either a hard time teaching with it or managing it. My advice is to just try it, and if you don't understand it, allow your children to explain it, trust me they get it!

What's the general attitude in your “real-life” homeschool community about techie homeschooling?

I think many are starting to come around and see technology more as a tool than before.

Share first steps someone can take to start techin' their homeschool.

Go paperless, become familiar with the advantages of Google Drive and YouTube.

More about Tatiana

Tatiana is a follower of Jesus, wife to Mario, blessed mom of 5 girls and 1 boy. She's a full-time working and homeschooling mom, who is passionate about encouraging families to promote a true desire for knowing God personally through His word and His creation. You can learn more about Tatiana at her blog The Musings of Mum

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