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200+ Live
Online Homeschool Classes

Check out over 200 live online homeschool classes in this Outchool review by a homeschool mom. Outschool is a great fit for eclectic techie homeschoolers.

** This is a sponsored post. I received this product or compensation for review purposes only and was compensated for my time. I was neither asked nor required to share a positive review; all opinions are my own. READ HERE for more information.

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If there's one thing (well really two things) that I've discovered about techie homeschoolers, it's that….

  • You favor an eclectic style of homeschooling
  • You’re receptive to discovering new online tools and resources to use in your home education

Good thing….because I like to share what I find on my quest for more digital learning opportunities. And I would have been really bummed if you didn’t want to know about the latest things I was excited about.

The Ultimate List of Online Courses for Homeschooling

One of my best discoveries is OutschoolIt’s the best source I’ve found for LIVE interactive online courses for homeschoolers. Yep…I said “LIVE”, as in you log in to a secure classroom and the teacher and kids interact directly, in real time. It’s one of those gigs that I would have never imagined when I was a kid or even a college student. I remember how “rad” it was that I could send electronic notes back and forth to my sister sitting in another computer lab 45 miles away.

Check out over 200 live online homeschool classes at Outschool. Outschool is a perfect fit for eclectic techie homeschoolers.

(Note: This is a sponsored post. Outschool compensated me in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by Outschool.)

What is Outschool?

Outschool is a perfect fit for eclectic techie homeschoolers. You can choose from over 200 online homeschool classes from a variety of instructors. With so many options (in all subject areas), you can personalize your family’s  education. You can choose from core academics or supplementary activities, one-offs, short exploratory courses and semester-long courses. You pay per class, so you can find what fits your budget.

With Outschool, you’ll definitely be techin’ your homeschool as the kids interact with their teacher and other learners live over video-chat in a safe environment. Teachers engage the kids, addressing them specifically by name. The number of students is limited, so your kiddos get focused instruction. They can ask questions and engage in discussions alongside other homeschoolers, plus collaborate on projects.

I’m impressed by the number of options and the convenience of joining Outschool’s live classes. Living on an island, we don’t have many (as in na-da) opportunities for co-op classes, but Outschool gives us a virtual co-op feel. I can search for courses by type, subject and ages of my kids. If I wanted, I could probably even organize a group of homeschooling friends and book a class specifically for us.

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We’ve tried two courses since I discovered Outschool a few weeks ago….

Big Picture History: Australia and New Zealand: My 10-year-old took this free one hour class. I liked Mr. Powell’s enthusiasm and direct teaching style. There’s not another session scheduled, but you can find future Big History classes HERE.

Criminal Law: My law-and-crime-TV-show-loving 15-year-old just started this semester long class. She gives it a “thumbs up”. I’m impressed that she’s motivated to wake up at 8 am. (Good thing she can attend in her PJs)

Outschool Classes

I'm not the only parent who's loving Outschool.

“I seriously cannot say enough about this website. We have taken several classes and have had a great experience. For January alone we have 18 hours of classes and then I always add an extra 30 minutes after the class to discuss it so that's a lot of homeschooling to add to our list.” – Angie B (parent)

“The real live interaction works best and kids of all ages were able to critically think and discuss the issues together.” – Erica (parent)

Outschool is an invaluable resource for a homeschooling family. We have benefited from the diverse course material and excellent instructors. The Outschool team is doing an amazing job sourcing fun, interesting, and educational classes in all academic disciplines. The team also receives 5 stars for excellent customer service. -Lisa (parent)

Check out over 200 live online homeschool classes at Outschool. Outschool is a perfect fit for eclectic techie homeschoolers.

I'm pretty confident that you can find a few Outschool courses to rave about. Check out…

Book Club with the Author
Forensic Science: Fingerprints
Homeschool Art Class
How Does a Computer REALLY Work Inside?
You Decide: Act as a Juror for a Civil Case
Introduction to MathArt: Patterns in Nature, Art & Architecture
The Game of Songwriting
Mandarin Chinese Beginner Course

…CLICK for the full selection of Outschool courses…

 I'd love to know which courses you think your family will enjoy. Leave a comment below and I’ll check them out.   

Discover 150+ websites that offer homeschool e-courses, categorized by subjects, grade level, course format and more.

Download Techie Homeschool Mom's Ultimate List of Online Courses for Homeschooling.


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We discovered online courses when my oldest daughter wanted to take voice lessons. We wanted her to prove her interest before investing time and money in private in-person instruction. No matter what your child's aspiration is, there is probably an online course for them. Check out this list of 100 online courses.    Udemy is a great resource for any techie homeschool family. Each of Udemy's 40,000+ courses is taught by an expert instructor, and every course is available on-demand, so students can learn at their own pace, on their own time, and on any device. With so many courses available, it can be hard to find one that is good for kids. But...I've got you covered, my friend. Here is a list of 50 courses for kids on Udemy.    I hate it when I sign my kids up for an online course and ends up seeming like something out of a B movie. Poorly produced, boring instructor, totally old school. Find out how to avoid this with these 5 tips for choosing video curriculum for homeschooling.

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