The Ultimate List of Online Courses for Homeschoolers

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The online class options for homeschooling have grown exponentially over the past few years. When I started homeschooling my oldest daughter, there were very few options for digital curriculum. We had a collection of CD-ROM games and access to a handful of online lessons. Now, the choices for online homeschooling courses for homeschoolers are endless.

We homeschool moms no longer need to wonder IF there's a course that will work for our kids. Now, we need to decide WHICH course will work for our kids. The problems lies in the fact that there are sooooo many online homeschool options. It's time-consuming to research them all, read the websites and figure out which ones will be a good match for your family.

Think about all the things you need to consider when looking for an online course.

Things to Consider When Searching for Online Homeschooling Courses

A simple Google search for “online homeschooling course” will return an overwhelming amount of choices, requiring you to sift through and find the class that fits your family's unique needs.

Things you'll need to keep in mind are:

  • What academic subjects does the course cover?
  • What grade level is the course intended for?
  • Is this an all-in-one course or can you choose individual courses for a more flexible education?
  • Are classes live (at a set time or day) or self-paced (you can take at anytime)?
  • How much does the course cost?
  • How long do you have access?
  • What assessment tools are included? Do parents receive reports or do they need to keep track of progress?

That's a whole lot of research, isn't it?  Well, I've got your back.

I've done all of that research for you and compiled an easy-to-search list.

I've identified 150+ websites that offer online courses. I've categorized them by which subjects and grade level courses are offered, plus whether classes are live or self-paced. I've noted which websites require you to register for all-inclusive programs vs. individual courses. You can sort by class format, price level and more.

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You can access all this goodness two ways ….

1) You can click right on over to the Online Homeschool Curriculum Directory.

This list is the most up-to-date and comprehensive one you'll find anywhere for searching for online homeschool courses. When you get to the directory, just click on the subject you're interested in. Or use the “filtered search” button to narrow down your choices even more. Once your search results pop up, open each listing for even more details. CLICK HERE to try it out.

2) You can get a copy of the “Ultimate List of Online Courses for Homeschooling” that I created in Google Sheets.

I'll send an email with the link (plus a .pdf copy). You can save it to your Drive and make notes for future reference. Keep mind, this list isn't updated as regularly as the Online Homeschool Curriculum Directory, and it doesn't contain as many details. You can get a copy of the list by clicking the button below.


You can get a peek at “The Ultimate List of Online Courses for Homeschooling” below, but honestly, it will be easier to find the best courses for your needs if you search at the Online Homeschool Curriculum Directory or get your own copy of the list.

The Ultimate List of Online Courses for Homeschooling

(be sure to scroll right and down to see all the results of my research)

Tell me, what online homeschooling courses have you tried and loved?

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No need to search all over the Internet for the best online courses for homeschooling. Get this complete list with 150+ websites where you can find the best courses for your homeschoolers.

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  1. Where is BJU Press? 🙂 We love their online courses!

  2. Thanks for sharing the list, they are really the best list which of online schools who have the best curriculum. Thanks for sharing resource this will help everyone who is planning to join online schooling. My son has started his Online homeschooling.

    1. Thanks! I’ll be updating the list in a few months, so will take a look

  3. You might also consider adding for German language courses. Thanks!

  4. Hi

    I would love to home school my son he is 8 years old and will be doing grade 2.
    Can you please suggest a good online school or a home school program I can approach
    We live in South Africa

  5. Excellent list.
    Two more of the oldest online course providers to consider:

    The Cambridge Academy ( has been serving homeschoolers since 2004.

    The Jubilee Academy is a Christian online curriculum provider. ( since 2001.

    Thank you for including The MorningStar Academy which is one of our sister schools.
    All 3 offer single courses and a full year program.
    All 3 are accredited and offer monthly payment plans.
    All 3 offer the option to pick with or without teachers.

    Beth, a big thank you for providing such amazing tech resources for homeschoolers.

  6. Kelley Stallworth says:

    Hi Beth, I have an only child living in a rural southern county. We drive an hour to school everyday and she loves her school. However – she will be going into the 7th grade next year, which is considered high school at this school – it is a very small school and almost half of the high school teachers are retiring at the end of this year. I’m concerned about the quality of education she’s going to receive in high school and the limited courses (having no electives). Her personality and where we live is such that homeschooling wouldn’t be a great option; she’s very social and loves going to school. I’ve been trying to research some online courses for her to expand her education but am feeling confused and overwhelmed. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Thiana Elias says:

    I would like to get a copy of your curriculum list.

  8. Hello I am looking for a homeschool program that would be appropriate for our 2nd grader who has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. We realized in Kindergarten that she didn’t function well in a classroom setting. We ultimately made the decision to start homeschooling. Do you have any recommendations on a program that may work well with her SPD? I’m not sure if she would benefit more from a full course program or just a pick your course program. Staying attentive and on task is a huge struggle for her. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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