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Basic Computer Maintenance Tasks
Everyone Should Do

Every mom needs to have a system in place for managing household chores. You've probably got something in place that involves the whole family in keeping your living spaces maintained and livable. But, do you have any techie tasks on that list? If you use any computers for your homeschooling, it's important to keep them maintained so that you don't experience techie frustrations. Here's a list of basic computer maintenance tasks you can add to your household chore lists.


PC Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Family's Computers Working Great

Want to keep your computers working great? Discover routine computer maintenance tasks anyone can do and download a list of techie chores.

Basic Computer Maintenance Chores

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One Time

  • Set up your operating system to update automatically – get instructions for Windows HERE or Mac HERE
  • Set up your anti-virus software to update automatically
  • Check your kids' Internet activity for the day


  • Clean up your email inbox – CLICK HERE to learn how to overcome email overwhelm.
  • Download email attachments – Save them right to where they belong or create a folder called “downloads to file” and save there.


  • Organize cords and cables
  • Clean your keyboard – CLICK HERE to learn how to do it right
  • Clean your monitor – CLICK HERE for the best method
  • Dust CPU and printer
  • Perform a full system backup to external drive or cloud storage – CLICK HERE to learn how.


  • Transfer photos to computer & delete from device – Consider a cloud storage option so that it syncs automatically
  • Organize photos into folder and/or albums – if  nothing else, at least set up a file system of months and years
  • Share digital photos and/or order prints
  • Clean up “downloads to file” folder – Move them to the folder they belong in
  • Clean up your web browser – CLICK HERE to learn how
  • Delete files from your system downloads folder – If you've been disciplined with saving downloads where they need to go at the time, this should be easy. If you haven't, then move files you need where they belong
  • Uninstall unused programs and apps – CLICK HERE to learn how.
  • Run a disk cleanup – CLICK HERE to learn how
  • Run full system virus and malware scan – CLICK HERE to learn more about this.
  • Defragment your hard drive (not necessary if you have an SSD) – CLICK HERE to learn how


  • Clean up contacts list on social media accounts – unfriend or unfollow
  • Clean up email contacts list

Hey, if lists like this are your thing and you're really into keeping your life in order, you need to check out the  Organized Homeschool Life Planner. Dr. Melanie Wilson, an experienced homeschool mom, walks you through creating systems to keep yourself organized. (There's even an “Organized Computer Challenge” to help you create a safety plan, maximize performance, organize your desktop and declutter files)

basic computer maintenance tasks


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Got any tasks to add to this list? Share in the comments!

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Discover PC Maintenance tips that will keep your family's computers running smoothly.          Avoid infecting your computer with malware and viruses by following these practices to protect your computer.     The legalistic rules I had made about computer usage led to strained relationships and unrest. I knew that I needed to stop micro-managing my kids' screen time and to teach them to self-govern their tech habits. I needed to give more freedom to have more peace in our home. Read to discover how giving our kids unlimited tech time has been the solution to our problem. Plus, download a copy of our Unlimited Tech Time Guidelines.
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