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It's Back to School time, which means back to routine and a more structured life than during the lazy (or crazy) days of summer.

This week, you can win four valuable resources for getting your homeschool life back in order. Enter today to win two eCourses, one eBook and one Planner, all together worth over $135.


Organized Homeschool Giveaway Prize includes:

Techie Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Digital Homeschool Organization ($39 value)

This new Techie Homeschool Training eCourse teaches you how to organize your computers and digital files for efficient, hassle-free techie homeschooling. Learn how to:

  • Organize your users: Set up each computer user in your family with their own digital identity so that they can easily find all they need for their techie homeschooling
  • Organize Your Devices: Discover how to create user accounts on your different devices so that no matter what computer a child is using, they can access the things they use regularly.
  • Organize Your Digital Homeschool Files: Develop a cloud-based filing system to organize all your digital files, making it easy to sync them across devices and share them with your homeschoolers.
  • Inventory Your Digital Homeschool Materials: Create your very own custom homeschool inventory database so that you can easily see what digital products and online courses you own.


Ultimate Homeschool Organization eCourse ($67 value)

Kristi Clover shares the systems designed to alleviate the stress and chaos that homeschooling can bring. This course helps you get on top of some of the craziness you are most likely experiencing during your homeschool day. Kristi encourages you with practical tips and advice on how to plan out your year, simplify your day, motivate your kids — and have fun! If you’ve ever seen her live or watched her videos, you know that Kristi's passion is to offer you “simple solutions for a more joy-filled life.” This course does just that! You are going to love it!

This Course Includes:

  • 15 comprehensive videos filled with practical tips, encouraging advice — and effective systems that WORK to get you organized
  • 20+ printables to help you prep and plan for your best year yet
  • Online access to course highlights, set-up tips, and links

Homeschool Mom Life Binder ($19.99 value)

This downloadable product from Heather Bowen of Life of a Homeschool Mom contains over 100 printable pages to help you take control of all areas of your life.

The {downloadable} binder is broken down into 6 key sections:

  • Monthly Planning (monthly calendars, goals & important dates)
  • Weekly Planning (to do lists & menu)
  • Household Planning (menu planning, cleaning schedules, babysitting information forms, refrigerator/freezer/pantry inventory and more)
  • Financial Management (bill payment tracker, quarterly budget trackers, monthly budget planning, gifts planning and more)
  • Homeschool Planning (attendance forms,, grade records, monthly planning pages, field trip logs, reading logs and more)
  • Personal Planning (prayer list, monthly fitness plan and trackers, personal goals and contacts)


The Organized Homeschool Life (Digital version) ($10 value)

Melanie Wilson of PsychoWithSix created this practical guide for achieving homeschool success, even if you're not naturally organized. As you complete the short daily missions, you'll save time and money so you can enjoy teaching your children. You'll get help with creating systems that will get and keep you organized. You'll receive practical suggestions for building stronger relationships with the Lord, family, and friends. You'll also receive printables and checklists to help you each step of the way.

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

The Organized Homeschool Life provides you with:

  • Short, daily missions that don’t feel like a burden
  • Help with creating systems that will get and keep you organized
  • Practical suggestions for building stronger relationships with the Lord, family, and friends
  • Reminders to prepare for holidays, celebrations, and homeschool tasks at just the right time
  • Organizing ideas for all the areas of your life: church, hobbies, business, & more

With these four prizes, you will find all the help you need for an organized homeschool.


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  1. Oh goodness, they all would help! I’m a digital hoarder, if it’s free or on sale, I’m usually downloading (unless my fiance cuts my spending….lol). The problem is I can never find what I need because of all the folders inside folders inside folders. I’ve even created Pinterest boards and lost stuff! Sigh, to be completely honest, I need to admit I hoard everything…….and I just don’t know where to start to organize so I can even think of planning each day out, much less a month or year! This would be such a huge blessing, thank you for this opportunity!

    • I was just scrolling down – not reading the comments – when your phrase “digital hoarder” caught my eye. I have started using the same term to describe myself. I love organizing…

  2. I think the Mom’s Guide to Digital Homeschool Organization and the ebook “The Organized Homeschool Life” would book be great resources for me in my organization journey.

  3. I’m sure all these resources would help! But I have to say I am drawn to the “short, daily missions” that are part of The Organized Homeschool Life. 🙂

  4. I’m most excited about the Binder. While I love my iPad I find it too hard to constantly have to turn it on to access information. It’s much quicker to grab a book or binder and turn to what you need.

  5. Wow, you would think I had enough since I have already gone through the “Guide to Digital Homeschool Organization” as a betatester (Super awesome course, I learned so much and already feel more prepared for this year!) and I own the binder. Not so, I have wanted the “Ultimate Homeschool Organization eCourse” for months. Here are my fingers crossed.

  6. It looks like the Ultimate Homeschool Organization eCourse would help me the most, as I can’t get to organize our homeschooling well.

  7. The one that would be most helpful? The one that actually gets used!!!! I know I have a lot of digital resources that are not being utilized, so the Digital Homeschool Organization ecourse sounds particularly appealing right now… but all of them would probably be a good idea!

  8. I’ve been eyeballing the Organisation ecourse for a while now……….after years of travelling and a few moves everything is a total shambles and it’s rather overwhelming.

  9. I believe that the Homeschool life planner binder set wpuldvbe beneficial. As a matter of fact, they all would benefit and would be most useful.?

  10. They all look fabulous – and I need as much help as I can get. I would probably start with the Ultimate Homeschool Organization eCourse first.

  11. The organization ecourse and the digital organized homeschool life. I like that the second one breaks things into smaller, manageable tasks. that’s what I need!

  12. The planner!! I l love planners. But seriously, anything from you would be awesome. I follow your blog on fb and as a new homeschool mum it has been a huge help!

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