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#TechieHomeschool IRL (In Real Life)
Blog Series

Are you tired of hearing just me talk to you about techie homeschooling? I often share with you how my family has morphed into techie homeschoolers, but I know that it’s important for you to hear from other techie homeschoolers too.

From May 1-20, I’m sharing techie homeschooling tips, ideas and inspiration from other homeschool mom in the #TechieHomeschool IRL (In Real Life) blog series. Each day you'll find a new post that will inspire and equip you to add more technology to your home education. Plus, I’ll share freebies, deals, giveaways and more to help you start techin' your homeschool.

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You can't go wrong with using an iPad for homeschooling. Discover key iPad features and apps that make home education fun for the kids (and easier for parents).     If you're not streaming audiobooks for your kids, you're missing out. Find out how listening to books online can make your life easier.      Hone your working homeschool mom superpowers with these techie tips to help you manage your family's home education while you work.     It seems my kids believe everything they read on the Internet. It's up to us parents to teach them how to find out if a news source is reliable. This article share some smart tips for avoiding fake news.     Is it time to transition to more digital homeschool planning? Read to find out what apps help to plan lessons for your family.     It's such a pain to be a part of a homeschool group that doesn't keep in touch. I'd love it if all homeschool co-ops used these tips for communicating with members.     Homeschooling doesn't need to stop when you travel. Learn how one family uses technology to make roadschooling happen.    Using Online Classes is the Way to Go When Homeschooling Teens. But There's A Lot to Consider When Choosing the Best Course for Your Teen. Read These Great Tips.     Wow! These are some great ideas for keeping your family organized if you're a working homeschoool mom (or even NOT a working homeschool mom)     Being a Charlotte Mason homeschooler doesn't mean you need to avoid anything techie. Charlotte would have loved all the options available to learn online.     Ideas for helping my teen stay organized??? Yes, please!     Get some great ideas from an expert educator (and seasoned homeschool mom) for teaching your kids about literature with online resources.     Living in an RV adds a whole new set of challenges for homeschooling. Find out what you can do to stay tech-connected while traveling     You know that you need to add more tech to your homeschool plans, but are nervous about letting your kids loose online, right? I get it. Read to find out how this homeschool mom transitioned to using more digital learning for her elementary homeschool lessons.     Here's some good advice for ways to use more tech for home education. Simple is what I need.     I love hearing how other families homeschool. This is a good post for anyone who homeschools high schoolers.      Single parents are superstars, especially the ones who homeschool. I love this post where one single mom shares how technology helps her to homeschool.     Trying to figure out how your child can earn college credits in high school? This post will help you come up with a plan.     I think lots of homeschool moms can relate to this post. What can I do to help my techie kid when I feel clueless about tech???     Homeschooling doesn't need to stop when you travel. Read this to get ideas for keeping the learning going when you travel with kids
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