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Look up any list of “Great Artists” and without a doubt, Vincent VanGogh will be at the top of the list. A list of “Most Famous Paintings”? Van Gogh's Starry Night makes the top 10. So, my friend, if you want to study the art masters, Van Gogh is the way to go. (see what I did there…”Gogh”-“go”).

Want to try something new? Feel artistically challenged? Or don't have any idea where to start teaching your kiddos about art? This Internet-based e-Learning course is the perfect curriculum for you.  Check out the Vincent Van Gogh Online Unit Study.

Your family will learn about Van Gogh and examine his artwork. You'll create a self-portrait, just like Van Gogh did. And as a final project, you'll produce an animated biography video about the artist.

VanGogh painted over 30 self portraits. With this art lesson, kids study Van Gogh's self portraits and paint their own.



Learn about Vincent Van Gogh with Online Unit Studies. Enroll in this online homeschool curriculum for lesson plans and activities.

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10 thoughts on “Van Gogh Online Unit Study

  1. I’m planning to start homeschooling my son starting in the fall, for 2nd grade. Would this Van Gogh Online study be too advanced for 2nd grade? or did you design it to be used for a broad range of grades? Is it something you would suggest repeating again in a few years to absorb more as he gets older? I have never homeschooled before, and I’m just trying to prepare as much as I can.

    • Alice – How exciting that you are starting your homeschool journey. Online Unit Studies are a great option for new homeschoolers because it’s pretty “turn-key” for mom, plus integrates subjects. They are designed for kids who can read and navigate online (although most web searches are safely directed). However, if you want to be closely involved, he could probably handle it. My 1st grader does Online Unit Studies with my older girls. She finds the videos and websites interesting and does the projects “at her level”. My recommendation is that you enroll now nd try it. And then, if all goes well, you want to dig deeper, you can sign up for our Famous Artists study. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. A fun activity for Vincent Van Gogh is to do a painting party with the art sherpa on youtube… she’s fun silly and she has a Vincent Van Gogh themed painting party video. Paint along videos are not the best way to learn to paint, but they do help you get inside artist’s head and see how and why they painted the way they did.

  3. Hi, I am from England and currently home schooling my daughter. I have found a whole wealth of resources but struggle to find ones that my daughter feels comfortable learning, apart from the American ones, she far prefers this way of learning. She would benefit from a performing arts work ethic which is only currently available in England for the rich via the Rudolph Steiner School. So, thank you.

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