Homeschooling 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th and 12th Grade

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There's value in learning what curriculum other families use for homeschooling. I learn about new products or get some confirmation about a resource I was considering. I can also discern what won’t work for the learning styles of my kids. And I can decide on the best resources to reach our goals for home learning. [Related Post: How I Answer When Asked “Why Do You Homeschool”]

Even though we homeschool year-round, I usually evaluate our plan in August and rework our home learning routine. So, I thought I’d share our new home education plan with you in case you need some ideas for your family.


Our homeschool plan for the elementary, middle and high schools


A few things to consider….

  • In the mornings, the girls (remember, I only have daughters) work on the courses that are specific to them….either by grade level or interest.
  • In the afternoons, we do our “family learning”…those things that we all do at once.
  • My 14-year-old is developing into a more independent learner, so I don’t expect her to participate in all our family learning time. As long as she's productively pursuing her interests and talents, she’s on her own.
  • My 17-year-old is enrolled in online college courses, so she’s totally on her own for learning.

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Our 2016-2017 Home Education Resources

Alexa (2nd grade)

Karissa (4th grade)

Lara (7th grade)

Julia (9th grade)

Mikayla (12th grade)

  • 2nd year of Community College, pursuing an Associates Degree in General Studies and Certificate in Event Planning

How about you? What homeschool materials are you using?

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