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Ten Great Options for
Homeschool Math Courses Online

Choosing the right math curriculum for your child can be so challenging with the countless options that are available. And unless you are a math genius yourself, it may seem a little daunting thinking about teaching math, especially as your child reaches higher grade levels. Thankfully there are many great options for math courses online that can minimize that seemingly daunting task.

No need to search all over the Internet for the best math curriculum for your homeschool. Check out this list of recommended online math programs.

Recommended Online Math Courses for Homeschoolers


is an online math program for early learners, aged 3 to 6 years. There are a wide variety of lessons and activities available for your child to progress through at their own pace to build early mathematical skills. Mathseeds is currently available through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op at a 25% discount.

Dreambox Learning…

 is a cloud-based math curriculum that puts emphasis on making engaging so the kids will be motivated to play and learn. They provides over a million different paths through the curriculum, based on a student's interests and needs. Dreambox works well for children PreK-8th grade.

Secrets of Mental Math…

is an online course offered by Great Courses. Twenty-four half-hour lectures, taught by a mathematician who is literally a magician with numbers, shared specific strategies for performing math operations in your head. You can find this course on Amazon (and is even free with a monthly subscription to Great Courses Signature Collection).



has math courses online for preschool aged children all the way up to Calculus. There are a hundred or more comprehensive skills, organized into categories, listed in each grade level. A membership subscription provides one student access to topics in all levels starting at $9.95 per month.


is a flexible, research-based online math curriculum solution for grades 3-12 that is accessible virtually anywhere there is internet access. A monthly subscription for one student is $19.95 and there is a family discount program for multiple students.

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CTC Math…

is an online, video based math curriculum. With over 1400 math tutorials and optional printable worksheets, this curriculum is a great option for offering more learning independence for all learning styles. CTC Math is very affordable with a Family Membership at $297 per year (or $39.97 per month) for the entire curriculum for grades K-12.

A+ Interactive Math…

is a Multi-sensory Interactive Math Curriculum offered in your choice of CD Software, online, or full curriculum ebooks & workbooks for 1st grade to Algebra 1. With Free Placement tests available, you can be sure that your child will start at the correct level. A+ Interactive math has Single Grade level ($62.50) or Family packages ($149/2 students) available as well as Mini Courses Online (starting at $9.99).

TabletClass Math…

 is a complete course math curriculum for middle and high school that includes effective and engaging video lessons, printable worksheets, and tests. You can access the great and effective math instruction from TabletClass for $160 for 12 months ($50/1 month or $130/6 months).  

Mr. D Math…

 is an online math curriculum developed by a former high school teacher. Students grades 6-12 can learn Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry or Pre-Calculus through self-paced or live classes. Mr. D even offers Boot Camps for ACT and SAT test prep.

Plato Courseware Math…

is a standards-based online learning program for middle school students, available through Homeschool Buyers Co-op for a discount. The courses are divided into units and modules with online lessons or offline printables available. Plato has 6 comprehensive middle school courses students can learn new concepts through themed-based scenarios in hands-on learning activities.

What online math course do you use? Share in the comments and let me know why you like it.

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8 thoughts on “Ten Great Options for Homeschool Math Courses Online”

  1. Excellent list Beth! But we feel a little left out 🙁 UnLock Math was voted #1 digital math curriculum by the readers of “Practical Homeschooling” magazine for 2017 & 2018. My wife and I (she’s the math teacher) are homeschool parents and were homeschooled ourselves. We have developed an online math curriculum that currently cover Pre-Algebra through Algebra II, with Foundations (grade 6) Math and Pre-Calculus/Trig. on the way. Please check us out and let us know what you think

  2. ST math is terrible. My kids get to use it for free at their public school. It’s a game based program but it’s not an intelligent program that realizes if you understand the material to move on. Instead, you are forced to do things over and over to redundancy death. Pounding math into a kid isn’t the way to do it especially for kids that grasp things quickly. The graphics are dull and very low level.

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