7 Best Homeschool Webtools to Encourage an Aspiring Designer

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Do you have an aspiring designer at home? A child who…

  • Is always itching to make stuff
  • Likes things “just so”
  • Gets  excited about art or building supplies
  • Carries around a notebook just in case they see anything they need to draw
  • Sees shapes in everything
  • Uses color names like “coral” and “salmon” instead of “orange”
  • Likes to take things apart to figure out how they work
  • Explains things in pictures

Whether it be graphic design or industrial design….fashion design or interior design….it is up to you, my homeschoolin' momma friend, to nurture their interest.  Lucky for you, there are many homeschool webtools that can help you with this.

best homeschool webtools for an aspiring designer

You don’t need to be a design expert to guide your child.  In fact, it's OK if you don't have the slightest clue. You just need to direct your kiddo towards information that will introduce them to design concepts.


Your budding designer needs to “play” with the digital tools that real designers use.  Don’t feel like you need to teach your child to be a designer. As a digital learner, your child thrives on challenging opportunities to take responsibility for his/her education. Point them towards tutorials and let them figure it out. 

What Homeschoolers Don't Know (and What They Need)

Your aspiring designer can't miss with one (or all) of these homeschool webtools.  They're all free, so you don't need to worry about investing a chunk of change as your child is exploring their design interest.

Graphic Design Homeschool Webtools

Homeschool Webtools for Aspiring Designers

Canva: Graphic design tool. I use Canva for all my blog and eCourse illustrations. There are many free templates and elements for you to use.  Check out my Graphic Design with Canva online course for more inspiration.

Homeschool Webtools for Aspiring Designers

PicMonkeyPhoto-editing and collage tool. It doesn’t have all the features of Canva, but the two programs complement each other well. PicMonkey’s tutorials will get you started.


Interior Design Homeschool Webtools

Homeschool Webtools for Aspiring Designers

Homestyler3-D interior design tool.  Start with an empty slate or copy the designs of others as a starting point. Experiment with real-world products and brands. Experiment with color and fabrics. Learn how on Autodesk Homestyler’s YouTube channel.


Landscape Design Homeschool Webtools

DreamPlan Home Design SoftwareA 3-D landscape and home design tool you can download for free for personal use. If needed, there are helpful video tutorials to use as you get started.


Fashion Design Homeschool Webtools 

Tailornova:  Tailornova is a web-based, 3D fashion design software that helps students bring their original designs to life. Pay-as-you-go or subscription plans available.


Industrial Design Homeschool Webtools

Homeschool Webtools for Aspiring Designers

Tinkercad3D Model creation tool. Place, adjust and combine shapes to design “things”…all kinds of things. Tap into the Gallery for inspiration and to copy other users’ desings. You can even order a 3D print of your design. Tinkercad lessons get you started off on the right foot.


Homeschool Webtools for Aspiring Designers

Product Design Suite Ultimate: 3D product design software used by “real” designers. Although intended for product designers and engineers,  Autodesk offers a 3-year free license to students, including homeschoolers.  (just put “homeschool” in the fields for school name and school URL).

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Do you have an aspiring designer in your home? How do you guide their education? I’d love to see some examples of their work – comment below!

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  1. Wow, these are amazing resources! I’m definitely sharing.

    Thank you for this!

  2. Beth, my 10-year-old seems like he might be a future woodworker or furniture maker. He’s done a fair amount with Sketch-Up. Several of these others look like they are right up his alley!

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