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The Big List of
Coding Apps for Kids

Coding at a young age can set your children up for success later on in life! Teaching your kids about coding is a great way to get them interested in technology and make it more fun.  Instead of having to learn by the book or a boring course, try these coding apps for kids that I found. 

By introducing your kids to programming with these fun apps, you may discover a strong interest and talent. Plus, you can set them up for a lucrative future career, or at the very least, teach them some stellar logic and critical thinking skills.

6 Genius Ways for Kids to Learn to Code


Encode works as a personal coding tutor! Using this app you can learn to code at your own pace without having to read a textbook. Google Play / Itunes



Through Kodable, kids will learn about modern programming language including the following: sequence, algorithmic operations, syntax, object-oriented programming and so much more. Itunes



SoloLearn has free code learning content that ranges from beginners all the way to an expert. There are over a thousand different programming topics to help with learning code. Google Play / Itunes


Box Island

Box Island takes kids on a fun adventure while also teaching them about the foundation of coding. They will learn how to apply to basics in this fun and challenging game. Google Play / Itunes



Tynker is  a ‘must have' coding app for kids.  It provides an easy way for your kids to learn about programming as they solve puzzles, build games, and even control robots! Google Play / Itunes


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Got a kid interested in coding? But don't want to invest time or money to teach them? Try out these coding apps for kids to get them started.

Coda Game

Using Coda Game you are the boss in this game building adventure. You can use the drag and drop visual coding features to create your own games. These ranging from popular favorites such as Flappy Bird and even Air Hockey.  Itunes


Programming Hub

Programming Hub was created in collaboration with Google experts to help create a coding program that kids can learn from. This app will help your kids learn to code just like the experts but with the fun of a game! Google Play / Itunes



codeSpark uses a no words interface to teach the basics of computer programming with the use of interactive activities such as puzzles and games. Google Play / Itunes



Udacity can help your kids learn the skills needed to be a part of some of the most innovative companies some days. This app allows you to create a personalized learning experience that will help them learn to code in a way that best suits them! Google Play / Itunes


Coding, The Musical

Teach your kids the basics of coding through this fun app. Children will learn to code by building their own musical. Teaching coding and music at once? Yes, please Itunes


Khan Academy

Khan Academy has thousands of videos and articles that can help kids learn important skills such as coding and programming. It's a must have app for any homeschoolers. Google Play / Itunes


Osmo Coding  

Osmo Coding is the program to control Awbie a playful character who loves his strawberries! Each block creates a coding command and this app is how it all comes together! Itunes


Coding apps can help make learning fun, and they are way cheaper than some of the other coding lesson options out there. With these coding apps, you can introduce your kids to coding in a way that doesn't require you to know about it too.

Tell me, what are your favorite coding apps for kids?


LEGO Boost Creative ToolboxLEGO Boost Creative ToolboxLEGO Boost Creative ToolboxThinkFun Code Master Programming Logic GameThinkFun Code Master Programming Logic GameThinkFun Code Master Programming Logic GameLearn to Program (Kids Get Coding)Learn to Program (Kids Get Coding)Learn to Program (Kids Get Coding)Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding RobotWonder Workshop Dash – Coding RobotWonder Workshop Dash – Coding RobotROBOT WARS Coding Board GameROBOT WARS Coding Board GameROBOT WARS Coding Board GameBoolean BoxBoolean BoxBoolean Box


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